Steps to Take If Your Accident Happens Through an Uninsured Driver in San Diego

A car accident can never be a pleasant situation. However, it can happen to anyone around or even to you. In such a scenario, the first thing you must do is get in touch with a reputed car accident lawyers in San Diego. An extremely bad situation to get trapped in is a motorcycle accident with an uninsured driver. For motorcycle accidents, you need to contact motorcycle accident lawyers in San Diego. Car insurance is compulsory in most of the states, but then there are still people who do not have it.

Steps to Follow If You are Hit by Uninsured Driver

Car accidents are extremely stressful. You might get trapped in a truck accident when you least expect it. For truck accidents, you need to contact truck accident lawyers in San Diego. When you are involved in an accident and the other driver does not have any insurance cover, you basically have two options.

Report the Accident to the Police

If it is possible the first thing you can do is inform the police. By doing this you will get prompt attention and if there are any injuries you will get instant help. This is also a step towards the documentation process. It can be vital for legal or insurance claims. The policeman is trained to ascertain the severity of the accident.  There is no need to move the vehicle from the crash site even if it leads to traffic backup. 

The police will decide what is best to do and will then file a report. The insurance companies make use of the reports that are filed by the police to evaluate the compensation. This is a huge help in the case of uninsured drivers.

Get Hold of Contact and Insurance Details

Once the police are done with filing the report, you need to ask for the contact details of the other driver. Also, take all the insurance details of the driver.  Prior to releasing insurance amount for uninsured motorist, some insurance companies necessitate furnishing a statement that is signed by the uninsured motorist stating that he/she does not hold any insurance cover.

The uninsured motorist coverage covers the expenses of a crash when the other driver has no or minimal coverage.  All people that are involved in a crash need to exchange their phone numbers names, email addresses, and insurance carriers.

Consulting Uninsured Accident Lawyer

For accidents where the other party does not have an insurance cover, you should an uninsured accident lawyer that is handling your case. He will help you understand your rights in a better way.  You get the best legal guidance that is available and this will go a long way in bailing you out of the situation.


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