Rules Escorts should bear in mind when booked by clients

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But, with lucrative career comes higher risk factors, which these girls have to keep in mind. So the industry experts, have certainly designed a few sets of rules and regulations that these girls are expected to follow when with their clients.

So if you want to be a professional Portland escorts then it is certain that you have to keep these rules in mind. This is important so these girls can enjoy their careers for a much longer time.

First girls should screen clients

Being an escort means you should have the ability to screen your clients the moment they speak to you. So it is certain that when speaking to the clients, these girls should try and collect contact details and addresses from the clients.

If the client is using landline numbers, then escorts should try and request for clients’ mobile numbers. This factor is important to get in touch with the client after being booked.

Traveling details

If you are an escort then it is certain that you have to take your precautions. Always ensure that you use your personal vehicle when traveling to the client’s destination. If the client is offering pick up and drop services, then it should be avoided.

This is important to maintain perfect security when traveling to visit the client.

Hotel visits

The moment your client has requested you to visit him at the hotel then it is certain that you should request a private hotel room meeting. This factor is important to maintain privacy at its top levels. In case the client has organized for a meeting at his residence, then let your agency be informed of it in advance.


Escort girls are always expected to arrive at the destination earlier in time. So you can try and reach the spot a few minutes in advance. This will offer you with best chance to get familiar with the surroundings. In case you find that the place is not secured and noisy then try and cancel the meeting immediately.

When with your client you have to ensure that he is alone with you. If you find him sitting with his friends then you should avoid providing services to him.

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