3 Ways to Improve Your Dating Game

If looking to either get back into the dating world or give it a crack for the first time, being ready is important.

With that in mind, will you have your game ready to go when you decide it is time to date? If not, you could be in for some disappointing experiences now and down the road.

So, how can you improve your dating game?

Making a Good First Impression is Key

As you look to venture out into the dating world, here are some ways to improve your game:

  1. Make a good first impression – It is always key to make a good first impression when meeting someone. That said if you are a guy going to meet someone, will you give them the best look when first seeing them? While pictures of you do give them a glimpse of your appearance, the real thing is what they want to see. So, if you’re a guy with facial hair, will it look neat and trimmed or out of control? To get it looking good, your razor and related equipment may be in need of an update. One way to go about that is to go online and see what is out there. Whether Gillette on demand or another brand, find the razor best suited to give you a clean shave. Speaking of that first impression, also make it a point to dress nice. While casual clothes are fine, don’t show up in a torn shirt or pants that leave something to be desired. At the end of the day, a good first impression is what you are banking on.
  2. Think about what you will say – It is also important that you think ahead of time what you will say. As an example, bringing up past relationships right off the bat is never a good thing. If one asks you about one or more of your past relationships, don’t sit there and trash an ex for an endless amount of time. Keep the conversation as positive as possible and then move on from it. It is also good to ask questions of the person you are meeting. Making the conversation all about you is never a good thing. Even if the other person is on the shy side, it is important that they take part in the conversation.
  3. Be upfront on what it is you want – Finally, always be upfront on what it is you are expecting from the dating world. Are you looking for only casual dating now? Would you be open to a relationship if things align themselves the right way? By letting the other person, there is less chance of a misunderstanding cropping up. Given you’d want people to be honest with you, return the favor in kind. Let them know what it is you are searching for by dating now.

In looking to improve your dating game, will you make the right moves so things turn out the way you want them?