Recommendations for Exciting Zoo Tourist Attractions in Bali

Bali is one of the islands in Indonesia with a solid culture. If someone asks, how many languages ​​are spoken in Indonesia? The answer is, of course, so many just like the culture.

In addition to tradition and culture, Bali also has several zoos with various types of animals, so they are suitable for educational tours for children. They can learn about a variety of animals in a fun way.

Recommended Fun Bali Zoo Tourist Attractions

Holidays in Bali are not always about the beach, you can also enjoy other tourist attractions such as the fantastic bali park zoo. These are zoo parks in Bali that become fun spots to visit, especially for children:

1. Bali Zoo

The biggest zoo in Bali that you can visit is Bali Zoo. The location is in Gianyar Bali, with ​​​​approximately 12 hectares. There are about 100 animal species at Bali Zoo, most of which are rare.

The types of rare animals that you can see here include mammals, birds, and reptiles. Mammals that are already threatened with extinction exist in the Bali Zoo including deer, kangaroos, and the Sumatran tiger. There is also an endangered bird species in the Bali Zoo and almost extinct, namely the Bali starling.

2. Bali Bird Park

As the name implies, Bali Bird Park is a particular zoo for bird species. There are about 250 species of birds there that come from Africa, Indonesia, and South America. Not only seeing the birds, but you can also see the process of bird breeding. In addition, with the thousands of tropical plants, there are approximately 2000 types of plants. You can see many bird species there while enjoying the fabulous natural scenery.

3. Bali Safari and Marine Park

The next zoo is the Bali Safari Park which is unique because visitors can see the life of wild animals whose way of life is like in the original habitat. There are about 60 animal species and 400 endangered animal species at Bali Safari and Marine Park, originating from Africa, Indonesia, and India. As for the rare animals here, namely Owls, Crocodiles, Sumatran Tigers, Tapirs, and so on.

4. Bali Butterfly Park

Furthermore, there is also the Bali Butterfly Park, or what is also often referred to as Taman Kupu-Kupu Bali, a place to preserve butterflies. The growth of big cities makes butterfly species rare and must be preserved. The way to preserve them is to keep them in nets to survive and reproduce.

Some of the Bali zoos recommended above will be suitable tourist attractions for those of you who bring children on vacation to the island of Bali.