The Best Suburbs to Live in Charlotte

Charlotte is a fantastic city that enjoys a great climate. The city’s economy is also on the upswing, meaning all signs are positive for Charlotte’s growth. Now is the perfect time to start searching for Charlotte houses for sale and enjoy this great city. Although there are a variety of great neighborhoods and suburbs to choose from in the Charlotte area, a few stand out from the crowd. So where should you look to live in Queen City? Here are the best suburbs to live in Charlotte.

Fort Mill

Although located across the state border with South Carolina, Fort Mill is still a part of the Charlotte metropolitan area. Since it’s one of the few large suburbs on the South Carolina side of the border, traffic isn’t as bad as it is around some of the northern suburbs. If you’re looking for a stereotypical suburban location, Fort Mil fits the bill. The area has great education and amenities, making it a great location to raise a family. Lastly, the suburb also has plenty of jobs, so you might not even need to commute into the city for work. Fort Mill is definitely one of the best suburbs in the area and should strongly be considered by those who can afford it.


Not only is Davidson considered one of Charlotte’s best suburbs, but it’s also considered one of the best suburbs in the country. You might have heard of Davidson College, a local university that is famous for both its academics and Division I athletics. Outside of the college, Davidson also has a low crime rate and a tight-knit community. It’s very common for community events to be held, making it easy to get in touch with neighbors. Davidson is a little pricy, with the median home cost being well over 500,000. However, if you have the funds to stay, Davidson can be an absolute paradise


Charlotte as a whole is growing as a metropolitan area, but Mooresville in particular is growing at an exceedingly rapid pace. The town is growing quickly, making it a great location for young professionals looking to settle down to start a family or launch a career. One of the more unique aspects of Mooresville is its reputation as “Race City USA”. Over sixty NASCAR teams call the area home, making it an extremely important location in the racing scene. To celebrate this, the area is home to several automotive museums.


While some view a suburban lifestyle as an extension of city living, others want a much more small-town rural feel from their suburb. One of the best places to get that around Charlotte is in Pineville. Here you’ll find plenty of small shops and restaurants, giving you that small-town community feel. However, the area is by no means rural, being just a short drive away from Charlotte. If you want to enjoy small-town living with easy access to the city, Pineville is the way to go.