Moona is the Best Payment Solution

There several kinds of payment solutions available online for shoppers and merchants. For individuals with bad credit/debit cards or affording merchant accounts is a problem, alternative ecommerce payment solutions for them to choose.

Among these payment solution is Moona. Moona makes it possible for online shoppers to send payment online without difficulties. Apart from using your credit cards, the e-shopper is required to verify his or her personal information and address.

There are various ecommerce payment solutions on the internet. If shoppers have the option of using more than one to purchase items online, though Moona has the best shopping cart system, which is considered to be the best since it has been providing an ideal solution.

A good number of the ecommerce payment solutions, like Moona, have been providing e-shoppers with other features that give them excellent shopping experience. Some of these features include autoresponders, tracking services, together with other shopping tools. On the other hand, merchants prefer using it since it has several marketing tools that allow them to increase their sales.

What to Consider When Looking for Payment Solutions

When looking for the best ecommerce payment solutions, e-shoppers ought to consider settling for one that gives them an opportunity to use different payment methods. What is more, with the autoresponder, and testing and tracking service, it can increase sales for merchants, and enhancing shopping experience.

When searching for sustainable ecommerce payment solutions, considering these options is important. In addition, settle for the payment solution, like Moona, that have been providing several of these options.

If a payment solution can offer combined services into one, it ensures that the users can access all the tools that are needed to enhance their shopping experience. Moreover, since these tools are sorted together, the users can easily access them. For merchants, as one awesome marketing tool, these tools can be used together to save their money and time. In most cases, such services are known for costing less, unlike if the merchants were expected to pay for all marketing tools individually.

What is

Moona is a UK based payment solution that has been offering £5 discounts to e-shoppers at each order and at no cost for merchants. There are several advantages that come with using Moona for both merchants and e-shoppers. These advantages are not limited to:

  • Way bigger carts: getting a discount on every order means customers are willing to add more to their carts and come back more often.
  • 100% free solution with no payment fees: as Moona’s model is based on a yearly membership paid by shoppers, the solution is currently 100% free for all merchants.
  • Boosted traffic: shoppers are actively looking for retailers where they can get instant Moona discounts, boosting exposure and traffic to Moona’s network of partners.
  • Secure payments: the fact that Moona has been using Stripe, one of the safest payment technologies in the world, its customers are protected against fraud. The solution adds an additional layer of authentication that has been protecting them from liability for fraudulent card payments.