Issues with Mac battery

It is always best that you have a regular check of your battery health. For all the macbook systems there is a very simple method that CleanMyMac. This is an app available in the Mac menu. Once you click on it will show synopsis of the battery health, storage, trash and many more. It will also help in uninstalling the number of apps together and can remove very fast the trash files. The battery in the macbook exposed to more battery problems than we think, if you are facing the problem like overheating or startup issues than it is time for macbook battery replacement Singapore. Let us see some common issues why Mac battery is exhausting faster than usual.

  • Are facing a problem with your Mac battery of getting drained faster this can be because you are using the Mac more than before. The increase in the usage can also lead to this problem. There is a simple way to solve this issue. In Mac you can see a battery icon on the top just click on it and it will show you all the application which is running and among them which one is using more battery. Once you get this information you can close those applications to save battery life. You can also stop the draining of your Mac by reducing the multitasking.
  • Another point why your Mac is eating up more battery is the computer default settings. Like Bluetooth, screen lights etc.
  • Always switch off the Bluetooth option in the system when you are not using it. You can do it in very simple way, click on the Bluetooth icon which is positioned at the top of the menu bar and then click on turn on Bluetooth.
  • If your system screen is brighter that means it is using more battery. It is always better to reduce the screen brightness which not only saves your battery but will also save your eyes. If you are using old Mac Book than you need to press function key F1 to reduce the screen brightness and in the new Mac Book you need to tap on the sun icon provided with the help of touch bar. That’s all both your eyes and battery became safe.
  • Mac book has a very nice feature where it lit up the keyboard. But it does not make any sense if you’re using this option in daylight. By using the function Key F5 you can adjust the keyboard backlighting. If you are using the computer in the dark then no need to go back and adjust the keyboard lighting. Instead you can set the option which will automatically light the keyboard light when it is dark.
  • In Macbook you have something called energy saver preferences which will help in reducing the time the computer and display take to sleep. You can setup these setting by clicking on open system preferences and then select energy saver.


By doing above mentioned steps you can increase your Macbook battery life.