Important Considerations for Adding a New Degree Program

For university administrators, it’s important to have good programs that offer high educational value and a great return on investment for students. College and university students put time, effort and money into securing the degrees that help provide access to good jobs in the industries they want. You want your institution of higher education to be able to meet the demands of tomorrow’s society, which leads you to pursue adding programs that address emerging industries and roles. Here are things to consider.

Choosing Majors

Before adding majors, you need to have a sense of the fields of study that are in demand. New fields such as cybersecurity and data management seem like strong bets, but it’s important to have a strategic approach, especially when it comes to attracting students. Consider the local market for your institution. It may be better to invest in programs for fields that are important to the local economy. It’s not enough to offer a field of study, the degrees offered should be valuable and competitive.

Planning Facilities

Adding a new department or field of study means supporting the programs with adequate facilities. Students will benefit from learning in a space that is tailored toward their studies. From equipment to tools that help future practitioners get a hands-on or simulated experience, your institution needs to be able to provide buildings that can meet the demands of comprehensive degree programs. Consult a provider of architectural design services for college campus to explore your options.

Finding Faculty

Coming up with fields of study means finding the right faculty to teach the courses offered. It’s important to have faculty who understand the necessary level of rigor needed to equip graduates with the knowledge to master these subjects and secure good jobs. These professors and lecturers need to be on top of industry trends.

Adding a new major, degree or field of study to your institution requires strategic planning. You want to offer applicants a competitive and rigorous program. You must secure the resources necessary, including facilities and faculty, to attract good students.