How Would You Use Technology to Catch Cheating Spouse?

Technology has made cheating on partners rather easy and convenient. Waking up one fine morning to find your spouse faking an office trip can be a serious pain. You might also be disheartened to find that your fingerprint has been deleted and you can no longer access the gallery or even the phone, in which case it is important that you talk to your spouse about it. Morality issues can break a relationship from deep inside, and nothing ever will be able to fix it. So, it is essential that you identify signs first, to help yourself and your relationship.

  • Extra Devices

People today often have more than one device or phone but remaining secretive about a second device and hiding it all the time can seriously show signs of double life or at least some deep dark secret. People generally are comfortable with using multiple sim cards for smooth communication but when there is a separate device, it is bound to get fishy. As about the sim cards, too, do check if your spouse has a number you don’t know.

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  • Locator Spell

With the development in technologies, we no longer need locator spells to find someone. Just a tracking software on the phone, or maybe in Whatsapp, or a shared live location secretly sent, can easily be used to identify and know where your partner is, at a given point of time. GPS has made life really easier. Just a linked account with the family group or tracking them via logging into google will do the magic.

  • Secret Messages

If your spouse is technologically smart, he or she might just find ways to hide pictures, texts, and videos out of your notice. Yes, it is difficult to find them, but there is technology to beat technology. Applications, tools and software allow you to snoop inside your partner’s devices and save your dignity. You can also check out those messages using

  • GPS Histories

Where you have been tell a lot about you. Since GPS along with google maps, provide us the extraordinary opportunity to keep a check on locations throughout the day and places visited, it becomes easier to figure someone’s schedule out. Keep a check whether your spouse is going to or staying over at places he or she isn’t supposed to.  GPS histories not only giveaway locations but also time periods one stays at a particular place, and thus, is extremely handy in snooping.

  • Vaults and Passwords

Technology provides hidden galleries and vaults for storing data. These are vault apps that hide behind basic unattractive applications like calculator, app-lock, calendar, etc. So, see if your spouse suddenly has more than one app for calculations, because business leads nobody needs that, or maybe multiple calculators.

Check for instances when your partner told you about the office trip but was actually in the city itself, in some strange location you had no clue about. Relationships are all about trust and mutual loyalty. When your partner starts hiding things from you, there is almost never a better cause than infidelity.