How to Wear a Ring: A Guide for Men

As a man, have you ever felt uncomfortable with the idea of any sort of jewelry outside of a watch? Jewelry has been around for thirty centuries adorning kings and sovereigns, signifying wealth and importance.

Rings, necklaces, bracelets, crowns, and even more were all worn and celebrated by men. While it’s understandable that culture changes with the times, here in 2022, fashion rules have become whatever you want them to be.

Let’s start with something small and comfortable, rings, and work your way up from there. Read along as we give you tips on how to wear a ring as a man.

How to Wear a Ring

There are some things to consider when choosing a ring as your piece of jewelry. Outside of just being fashionable, you need to consider practicality as well.

Are you wanting to make a fashion statement? Does your lifestyle require a certain material? These are good things to keep in mind.

Try to balance your hands and size your rings according to each finger. Don’t overload one hand with rings and leave the other one empty. Gauge the size of your finger with the width and thickness of the ring.

Your lifestyle is important to take into consideration for type, size, and material as well. Are you often working with your hands? Are you in a suit in an office every day?

The obvious conclusion for those situations wouldn’t be many rings, bulky rings, or soft metal rings. Match your ring to your personal and daily lifestyle. ETRNL Rings can help you do that.

Finger Choice

Historically, the placement of rings has had a specific meaning. While the ring finger maintains its purpose today as the resting place for your wedding ring, some have changed.

First Finger

The first finger, known as the index finger, used to be a sign of royalty. In some cases, it was even illegal to wear a ring on your index finger if you weren’t part of the aristocracy.

Today, many men wear rings on their index fingers not only as a statement piece but also to show affiliation. This could be where you rest your class ring or your fraternity.

The gap between this finger and your thumb finger makes it a perfect spot for a big statement ring. This would be a good choice for a chunky, square ring.

Middle Finger

The most common finger to remain empty is the middle finger. It can throw off the symmetry of your left hand if you have a wedding band and leave your right hand looking a little bare by itself.

It is a hard finger to style appropriately with its size being larger than the other fingers on your hand. That doesn’t mean it’s off-limits though!

Pinky Finger

There is no tradition behind the location of the pinky finger. It’s a great place for a decorative ring, especially on the left hand if you already have a wedding ring.

Your little finger being the most delicate on your hand you don’t want to overwhelm it with a big ring. Practically, it would just get in the way.


The thumb is another great place for a heavier ring. A simple, small ring would look silly on such a big part of your hand.

It would probably be a little overpowering to have large rings right next to each other. So, consider the spacing of your fingers if you choose to wear multiple rings.

Wear with Confidence

There is no one right way to wear a ring as it is, in the end, a personal choice. Whatever you decide to do, the important thing is that you do it with confidence.

Start with what you feel comfortable with, pick the right size for your finger, and you’ll look great! For more style tips and information like this, check out our fashion section.