How To Protect Your AdWords Account Against Click Fraud?

You can prevent your Google Ad from ever being delivered to an IP address you know is responsible for adwords click fraud if you’ve done your research and identified them. The only thing you have to do is create an exclusion in your Google Ads account.

Activate the Settings tab.

  • Select the campaign from which you wish to exclude IP addresses by clicking.
  • Select the IP exclusions link under Advanced settings.
  • Press Edit.
  • Enter the wrongdoing addresses here (up to 500 per campaign).
  • Press Save.

Recognize your rivals.

Click fraud gives rivals an easy advantage because it has advertising spending. Always keep an eye on who is vying for the keywords as you are in the search engines. Use Google to look up the phrases you’re thinking of targeting and find out which other companies are running ads for them. By examining the sponsored search competition, you can ascertain whether the keywords you have in mind have a business intent. To find out whether and when your competitors are clicking your PPC advertisements, you may also click tracking tools like SEMrush and iSpionage.

Focus on high-value sites

  • Low-quality websites are to click fraud since they are bots that automatically target your site and adverts. By advertising on websites you know are packed with potential buyers, you may avoid low-quality websites.
  • You can build up ad campaigns with Google and Yahoo! that only display ads on the websites you designate, sidestepping websites that deduct from your advertising budget.
  • On your Google AdWords reports, click the Campaigns tab and choose “edit columns” to view invalid clicks. In your campaign data, locate the performance tab and the options to display incorrect clicks and interactions:

Conduct remarketing efforts.

Remarketing is showing advertisements to users who have previously visited your website. It implies that only those who have a genuine interest will see your advertisement. They might have gone to specific websites, downloaded an ebook, added something to their shopping cart, etc. Since click fraudsters can’t even see the adverts, there is no chance that they will click on them.

Choose a conversion pixel that is easy to map.

The best approach to gauge and assess the success of your Google AdWords advertising is through conversion tracking.

You add their conversion tracking pixel to your website’s pages.

Users who click on your Google Ads campaign and go to the pages where the conversion tracker is activated will set off the pixel. Google’s algorithms reward those sites for generating many conversions by presenting your adverts on those pages more frequently.

Purchase fraud prevention software.

Software that monitors clicks for fraud finds and guards against PPC advertising fraud. Investing in a software solution built to identify the sites providing odd quantities of visits to your site is a method to click fraud.

Programs that fight click fraud keep a close eye on the traffic. In conclusion, purchasing  adwords click fraud software can assist you in reducing cost-ineffective clicks and optimising your advertising campaigns to boost sales.