How to Keep Your Relationship Alive

Love has been connected to addiction. Partners must spend good quality time with each other to feel the sentiments that they experience. Being with someone who is just as inspired to be about yourself improves the sensations.

It is all about generating the spark instead of influencing each other in any way. Find small ways to strengthen your relationship and bring you closer as a pair.What does your spouse need to be their best? Sometimes, using water-based edible lube is all that is needed to jump-start your dying intimate life.

When you are passionately in love with a person, you feel some butterflies and that might stay long with the passage of time.

Directions to keep the relationship alive

1. Focus on Developing Together

Firstly, you must grow as a person. The better you become as a person the better you will be able to maintain a healthy relationship. With the growth of each partner, the bond grows between them.

Partners must tell each other about their individual objectives, goals, and progress on regular basis to avoid future arguments or separation.

2. Create Memories Collectively

Partners must spend some quality time together. Every decision either minor or major must discuss with your partner. Do have a talk about what you want to be in your life. Continue to include your spouse in your important decisions.

Partners must appreciate the attitude of each other instead of getting irritated. And make sure that ay indifference or argument does not spoil your relation. Partners must be updated about each other and are connected with each other’s life.

3. Put Your Hands Together

Having precious moments like kissing your spouse, smiling and establishing eye contact, holding hands, or doing anything that engages all of your senses and shows your partner that you’re completely there for them communicates that you are now with them. If any argument will be held then you must sort out disagreements before going to bed.

4. Sending Romantic Messages

Now sending a romantic text is the best and common way to express your love, appreciation, and support to your partner when you both are at a long distance.

To make it more romantic and expressive you can use some cute intimate text and not be ashamed of it. It is the purest way to keep the spark of love alive in your relationship.

5. Date Nights Plans

In the beginning stage of commitment couples used to go on date nights as much as possible. But with the passage of time, they want to be just comfy at their places instead of planning a date this results in a low spark between couples. So, couples should plan date nights to spend time together.


You should never take your partner or relationship casually. Even if you do not experience the same spark of love and excitement that you had when you met for the first time with your spouse so it is critical to find approaches to keep the spark alive.

Make sure you involve your partner in all important and unimportant decisions of your life and make them feel like he/she is special for you. Consider buying glycerin-free lube that help you spark a new energy in your intimate momentsand does not compromise with the product quality.