Do men like sex more than women?

Do men like sex more than women? - porn videos
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This is one of the most controversial questions you’ll find on the internet, especially regarding sex and relationships. There’s a general theory that men like sex more than women. Although the truth behind this hasn’t been fully established, it is worth noting that sex in a relationship might be somewhat difficult to quantify. Now that we have various sexes, it’s even harder to make the right assumption of which sex has the most sex. 

However, if you enjoy watching porn videos and are conversant with search algorithms, you might want to think of the possibility of men having more sex than women as true. So, the balance is that men tend to want more sex than women. However, that doesn’t make them enjoy sex more than women. 

Men want sex, but women enjoy it more and even last longer. So, if we say who has more sex, it’s the women. They have more sex, but men want to have more sex. There’s a big difference. 

Women are such that it takes time before they orgasm, and if, as a man, you lack the sexual know-how, you might never be able to make your partner orgasm. However, one way to change this narrative is by taking lessons from porn videos, engaging in mutual masturbation and consciously studying your partner’s body. 

The way women are wired is quite more complex and stressful than men, so a man orgasms in less than 5 minutes and a woman may take hours. While a man can enjoy multiple orgasms in less than 10 minutes, a woman could go through hours of hardcore sex before her first orgasm. All of these variations are part of what needs to be considered before a woman can be considered to enjoy more sex than a man. 

As established above, men like sex, but women tend to enjoy sex more because of the time limit. So, irrespective of whatsoever you think is responsible for this variation. You must always note that the first on the list will be an orgasm. The same way a woman will orgasm is not the same way a man would, and the time frame for each orgasm differs. 

Most men orgasm and feel tired almost immediately. However, women could orgasm and still feel the need to do more, making them enjoy sex more.  Having more sex doesn’t mean it’s satisfying. So, to draw the balance, sex shouldn’t be quantified by the duration but by the extent to which both partners enjoy intimacy. It is, however, worth noting that orgasm is not the right test for sexual pleasure, as there are several means of attaining orgasm, and it might not always be sex.