How to Choose the Most Exotic Bali Villas?


The word “Villa” is associated with luxury.  It is a common word used in the hospitality industry, and it speaks volumes about the type of accommodation without the need for words. 

Staying in Bali villas is one of the best options you have when living on the island. They are quiet and magnificent and provide you with the best luxury amenities.  However, not all villas are built the same. Hence, are some tips to choose the most exotic villas in Bali. 


The overall design of the villa is an important aspect. Some of the essential things that make a villa unique are interior design, architecture, landscaping, and furnishings. All these elements blend to create a luxurious atmosphere that makes your stay memorable. The best luxury villas in Bali are a spectacle to behold. They have unique characters that are expressed by its overall aesthetics, the interior, and its surroundings. 


When you book a villa to spend a vacation, you need to unwind and relax. In-room massages, yoga classes, and beauty services provide you with opportunities to pamper yourself and heal from within. The villa you book should offer the best wellness options to ensure you do not have to step out to treat yourself. 

Features and Amenities 

As mentioned earlier, the word villa talks about something extraordinary.  The minimum luxury expectations people have from Bali villas are a state of the art kitchen with all necessary equipment, spacious living area, an elegant dining area, a swimming pool, and in-house staff. These are the minimum requirements at the end of the luxury spectrum. 

The rooms should be designed with attention to detail and luxury opulence. The villa should be equipped with every luxury and amenity associated with modern living, like entertainment and Internet access. 

Staff and Services

A great villa is incomplete without exceptional staff and services.  The villa cannot be a true luxury until it has a supporting and dedicated staff. They run the facilities and create an environment for relaxation. To keep everything perfect and running smoothly, the villas need to be staffed with chefs, housekeepers, maids, landscapers, handymen, and a villa manager. The villas should also offer a concierge service to make additional arrangements and meet individual needs. 

Depending on the location, additional staff like fitness trainers, spa therapists, and security would also need additional staff. To ensure the best experience, the staff should be friendly and dedicated to providing an exceptional guest experience. They should be diligent in their work and personable in communication. 


The location of the villa is equally essential. There are several villas in East Bali offering quality locations. The most popular areas include coastlines and beaches. Villas that are located inland but still offer a good ocean view are also a good option. The estate should be located in a quiet place to rest and stay comfortably. 

Bali has several villas with great designs and high-end modern facilities but does not offer excellent service. For the best holiday experience, you need to look for a property that does not compromise any aspect discussed above.