How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

Google data is showing us that eyelash extensions are growing in popularity. Are you thinking about getting them for yourself?

You may have seen that celebrities like Kylie Jenner use them and are curious if they may be something you’d like to incorporate into your beauty routine.

What is the purpose of eyelash extensions? How long do eyelash extensions last? How much do they cost, and can you take them off yourself?

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Why Use Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are perfect for people that want to have longer and fuller lashes. They don’t replace your natural eyelashes, but they do enhance their look and lift them in addition to adding more depth.

The reason that people like eyelash extensions over strip lashes is that the effect is more dramatic and it can be customized to your liking.

Usually, this treatment is done by a licensed technician. They will apply anywhere between 80 to 140 extensions to each eye.

With a partial set, you’ll have one faux lash applied per natural lash. With a full set, you’ll have multiple faux lashes applied per natural lash.

Depending on the health of your current natural lashes, the technician may or may not be able to do a dramatic look, but they will advise you on the best approach.

Eyelash extension treatments can take an hour or two to complete. If you have a good technician, they are going to take their time to make sure that they are being safe and that your lashes will look even.

Can You Use Eyelash Extensions With Blonde Natural Lashes? 

If you have blonde eyelashes, you can absolutely get eyelash extensions.

In fact, a lot of people with blonde eyelashes agree, eyelash extensions are an easy way to get darker eyelashes without having to apply mascara every day.

As your eyelashes grow out, the blonde color will start to come back. For this reason, it’s not a permanent solution for darker eyelashes, but it is a good option if you plan to have it done repeatedly for the same effect.

How Much Are Eyelash Extensions?

The cost of the eyelash extensions you choose is going to vary based on a few factors, like the technician’s pricing, the location you’re in, and the type of look you’re going for.

The longer and bigger you go with the lashes, the more they are likely to cost from a reputable technician.

You also have to consider that eyelash extension treatments are not a one-and-done type of procedure. You will have to go back to get them filled and replaced as they fall out if you want to keep them in good condition.

This does cost additional money, but again, the specific cost depends on those same factors.

With all of that being said, you can usually expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $500 for your eyelash extensions.

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

Because eyelash extensions are attached to your actual eyelashes, they last much longer than strip lashes would.

Typically, the extensions will last as long as your eyelash growth cycle takes, which is usually right around six weeks.

During this time, you’ll want to apply lash conditioner to all of your lashes (real and fake). You also may want to get refills every two weeks or so to fill in areas that need more attention.

Tips for Making Your Lashes Last Longer

Within the first couple of days following your treatment, you should not let any water or steam touch your lashes. It will impact the adhesive and may make some of your new lashes fall out.

You may need to make some adjustments to your skincare or shower routine, but it’s worth it. For some people, avoiding water on the lashes throughout the entire growth cycle is preferred to make the lashes last as long as possible.

You also will want to stay away from oil-based products, like moisturizers or cleansers, that may touch your lashes. The oils can break down the adhesive as well.

Try not to rub your eyes, and avoid sleeping on your face at night.

Lastly, don’t use an eyelash curler or a perm on lash extensions. The extensions are very delicate, and this will damage them. Instead, just brush your lashes through with a clean wand each day as maintenance.

How to Remove Eyelash Extensions

If you want to take the eyelash extensions out before they naturally shed from your lashes, it is possible to do have eyelash extension removal done.

The best way to do it is to go back to the technician that put them in so that your natural eyelashes don’t get harmed.

It may be extremely tempting to pick off the lashes with your fingers. Don’t do this! You’re going to end up with very stubby, broken, and sad-looking natural eyelashes when you’re done.

You have to have an eyelash extension remover applied so that the glue can be dissolved completely and no damage is done to your eyelashes.

Are You Interested in Eyelash Extensions? 

After learning all of this information about eyelash extensions, you may feel like you’re interested in getting them for yourself.

How long do eyelash extensions last? They can last as long as 6 weeks, but maybe more or less time, depending on how well you take care of them.

Make sure to follow our tips here to get the most out of your extensions!

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