Choose your CBD Branding Solutions: The Right Processing

When you no longer have any use for boxes, you can safely dispose of them to the waste paper, whereby new cardboard is produced for a new, beautiful box.

Which Carton Is Particularly Environmentally Friendly?

If you want to order a particularly environmentally friendly CBD boxes, we recommend the brown natural cardboard as packaging material. The brown natural cardboard consists of 100% fibers. In contrast to most other types of cardboard, it is not bleached, dyed or coated.

Cardboard is usually made from several layers of paper. The layers can have different thicknesses and consist of several materials. These layers are usually pressed together without glue, this means that the cardboard can easily be recycled later. The outer layers can be made from virgin fiber and the middle layers from recycled paper. This makes the box particularly environmentally friendly, but looks just as beautiful as a completely new box.

The fibers for the brown cardboard are also recycled to around 20% from the leftover wood from the industry. Brown natural cardboard can be completely broken down as it contains neither fillers nor other residual substances. The cardboard is not only recyclable, but also degradable.

How Should Brown Natural Cardboard Be Staged?

The brown natural cardboard CBD Packaging is particularly beautiful when it is simply printed in one color either in white or black. This makes the box look particularly elegant.

Where Does The Raw Material For Cardboard Packaging Come From?

The raw material for CBD product packaging comes exclusively from Europe and also other countries.

The wood that is required for production comes from certified, sustainably managed forests. The principle of sustainable forest management is that no more trees are felled than can grow back. As a result, the animals’ habitat is secured and no virgin forests for example in Brazil are cleared for cardboard boxes. In addition, the trees counteract climate change through photosynthesis (CO 2 breakdown) caused by greenhouse gases.

Recycled paper for CBD box packaging comes from waste paper collections of different cities. As a result, the transport routes for the wood and the finished cardboard are much shorter and, thanks to the resulting lower fuel consumption, more environmentally friendly. In the process of CBD branding this is most essential.

In the case of cardboard boxes produced in Germany or Europe, all prescribed standards and regulations are strictly adhered to.

Regional production: short distances:

Due to regional production and regional processing, the materials or finished CBD boxes do not have to be transported internationally by cargo planes or ships. Short distances this not only saves CO 2, but also ensures that you can work quickly and react quickly!