How A Beginner Can Build a Coral Marine Aquarium?

Many of them wish to have a beautiful aquarium. It is exciting to have a simple aquarium. However, setting up a marine aquarium is way more exciting. It is thrilling to know about the corals for the first time because not everyone knows much about them. 

The process of setting up a coral marine aquarium is nerve-wracking. It is especially the case for newcomers taking it as a hobby. If you have an interest in corals, you can look for coral online. Stores like Akva Store have everything aquarium hobby-related. 

The key behind the Akva Store is the experience of business experience in marine aquaria and passion for the aquarium hobby of Alexey Zubok. It is an auction platform for buying and selling aquarium equipment, livestock, and other aquarium-related goods. It is obvious for people to have almost no knowledge of corals. All they know of coral is sessile. The corals may not move for a very long time.

However, the main thing is corals depend entirely on the aquarist. An aquarist is one to give them the condition they need to thrive. The corals also need great attention as they cannot sulk or swim away likes a fish, nor can they lurk and skitter away under the rockwork just like an echinoderm or crustacean. An aquarist controls every aspect of the coral’s environment. If they do not do it correctly, you are pushing a remarkable living organism to an unforeseeable fate.

In this post, you will know about a simple but straightforward overview of the basic conditions’ corals need and how to maintain them. It is a simple guide for beginners who want to have a coral marine aquarium at home or office.

Stability is the key

Stability is the key to maintain healthy corals for a long time. Stability is essential whether it is a hardy sessile or delicate Acroporids and invertebrates like zoanthids. The more stable you are as an aquarist in maintaining the environmental factors and chemical composition for your captive reef the, less effort the inhabitant has to make to adapt to the change. The closer parameters you have to the natural habitat, easily and happily your corals will survive.

It is better if you can mimic the condition in the wild or do your best to recreate the conditions of natural seawater. In that case, you have to maintain all the components of the natural seawater. You have to maintain the correct level of salinity for recreating the natural seawater.

Other components 

After salinity, the other important components you need to maintain are –

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Alkalinity
  • Flow, temperature and light
  • Quarantine
  • Acclimation

If you are a newbie yet, want to build a marine coral aquarium, you can do it with some easily kept corals.

The list of corals you can easily take care of is as follows –

  • Mushroom corals
  • Zoanthids
  • Seriatopore
  • Duncan Coral
  • Montipora
  • Xenia
  • GSP
  • Euphyllia

These are a few corals with you, can start building your aquarium. You can also improve your knowledge by reading more about the corals and explore more about these tiny beauties of the sea.