CTRL-ALT-DELETE: The Ultimate Guide to Recycling a Computer

You need to stop everything you are doing right now if you’re about to throw your old computer away. We know you’re excited to test out that new computer you bought, but there’s plenty of time for that later.

Recycling a computer is easy, so there’s no reason to throw it into the trash! The second-hand market can be lucrative if your old machine isn’t too old, so you might even make some money.

Also, there can be important confidential information still on your hard drive. We know you think you wiped it, but did you? Read on and find out.

Find a New Home for Your PC

The first thing you should do before you consider computer recycling is to find out if somebody might buy it. Try checking out a second-hand marketplace like eBay. You never know who might be desperate for a good deal if their laptop has broken and they are looking for a replacement.

You’ll feel good about rehoming your laptop or PC, but you’ll also be doing some good for the environment. We throw away far too many electronics nowadays, even when they work perfectly well. Computer recycling should mean sustainability!

Recycling a Computer the Right Way

You need to find a computer recycling center if you are sure it’s what you want to do. Before you pick the first one you find on Google, stop for a moment. You’re going to want to look for a certification from SERI.

The reason is because of what happens to electronic waste once you dispose of it. Some of the countries that the recycled computers go to have issues with child scavengers who search for functional computer parts amongst the waste.

Trying to recycle computers should be doing good, not causing harm.

Get Rid of the Data

You’re still not ready to go yet. You’ve got one more thing to do. Remember we mentioned that your data might not be gone?

Even though you think you formatted or wiped the hard drive, it might still be there.

We’ll spare you the nitty-gritty details, but the basic idea is that there are still remnants of the data on the drive. Think of it as the ghost of the data.

This step is even more vital if it’s a business computer or laptop you are recycling. Find software that can erase those ghosts, then dispose of the drive in a way that can’t someone can’t put it back together again. Look at Certus Software if you want a place to start.

Enjoy Your New PC

That’s about all you need to know if you’re recycling a computer or need to recycle old computers that have been piling up in the garage. Just make sure all that data is cleared, and find a good recycling service to take it off your hands.

Once you’ve got that new laptop or computer set up, you need something to do with it.

We’ve got a suggestion. Why don’t you open that speedy new browser and head to our blog! Get comfortable with your new machine while you read some articles.