You have received your concealed carry license, completed your weapons training and chosen a comfortable handgun. Now, you need to determine your carry method and find a few great holsters, such as concealed carry ankle holsters or inside the waistband holsters. As you shop for holsters, keep these tips in mind.

Comfort Over Style

Not only should your carry method be comfortable, but your holster should be comfortable. For example, avoid holsters with sharp corners that may pinch or poke you. In addition, avoid holsters that sit in locations where you bend and twist, such as right on your waist rather than lower on your hip.

You also don’t want to feel like you have to adjust your holster, which draws attention to your weapon, so make sure it fits securely against your skin and doesn’t shift with your movement.

Choose More Than One

Different types of holsters work with different types of clothing and in different situations. For example, ankle and thigh holsters are easily detectable when you wear skinny jeans or tight skirts, and inside the waist holsters are easily detectable in tight athletic clothing. Therefore, choose several holsters that fit your weapon.

Fit Your Weapon

Your holster should be made specifically for your weapon. Some holsters may state that they will fit multiple firearms, but this fit may not be as secure as you want it to be. In addition, avoid holsters that are too tight for your weapon because they may not release your gun completely when you draw it. You want a secure grip on your weapon before drawing it out, so avoid holsters that get in the way of your grip. Finally, choose a holster that completely covers the gun’s trigger.

Choosing a weapon and concealed carry holster can be a challenging task, especially for those who just received their licenses. However, with the right holster and consistent practice drawing and firing your firearm, you be comfortable carrying your gun and defending yourself if necessary.