For getting around bigger towns and cities in West Africa, you will usually have a choice of bus (capital cities only) and a range of taxis.


  • Within some capital cities, you may find well-developed city-bus and little bus network linking the city center and suburbs. In most other cities, its minibuses only.
  • In general, city buses travel along fix routes, while minibuses may detour a pretty more.

Here are some of the best bus booking west African tips.

How to book Nigeria bus ticket

The bus network in Nigeria is huge, linking all big cities with distance services. Each city has public transport buses, which provides an economical way of getting around.  Anyway, traffic in most cities is awful, so you have to permit a lot of time for even little journey since the buses just travel on big roads and sit in traffic.

ABC transport services and Greener line transport are the huge providers of inter-city online bus ticket booking Nigeria. There is also the option of traveling by a shared taxi in between cities, where the driver will depart once the vehicles is full of people wanting to travel the same location. To find the affordable bus services in Nigeria go to the motor park. Otherwise you can travel around cities in molues and danfos, which are private minibuses that run similar to shared taxis, although take extra people. You can find these vehicles easily, as they are forever painted yellow, although leisure is scarified when riding one.

How to book Ghana bus ticket

Usually buses offer the top balance of speed, safety, relaxation, and expense, largely when traveling between huge towns. Many have air conditioning and Television, but not all. Buses will charge an extra luggage price.

The State Transport Company has online bus ticket booking Ghana and scheduled service that runs along nearly all paved roads in Ghana. Ghana internet bus booking in advance, so purchase cheapest bus service in Ghana early rather than going to bus station guessing to be on the next departing bus. Because the air conditioned buses are more relax the Ghana online bus tickets sell out faster – sometimes days in advance.

How to book Senegal bus ticket

Senegal key inter-city bus transportation are little-buses called as car rapides. In order to board these blue, white, or yellow vehicles, visit must flag them down and call out their place to the apprenti, the name of the boys who collect fares in the back of car rapides or do online bus ticket booking Senegal .