How to Get the Best Tan From a Tanning Bed

I’m sure you’ll agree that getting that bronzed glow can be a bit hard considering that spending hours under the sun can have many repercussions like premature aging, uneven tan lines, and of course, the dreaded skin cancer.

Whether you are just stepping into the world of tanning or are already a pro, it’s always useful to have helpful tips to make your tan look as flawless and natural as possible.

Shower and exfoliate before you get into a tanning bed

Tanning beds have UV rays that go into the skin stimulating the overall production of melanin to make it appear darker. The issue here is that UV rays include a culmination of different types of rays that includes UVB rays. These rays, in particular, do not penetrate deeply but are also essential for directly influencing melanin production.

It’s important to keep your skin fresh and well-exfoliated before you get ready to tan as this will help to ensure an even tanning. Furthermore, if you are using tanning bed lotion that has bronzers, exfoliation can again be helpful to make sure that all layers of the skin are removed from the skin surface. It’s important to remember that the overall application of the lotion will also be smoother.

Don’t forget to carry a towel and water bottle

Towels and water bottles generally take a backseat when it comes to priority, but both of these are important for your comfort.

Water is necessary to keep you hydrated when you get thirsty after your tanning session and trust us when we tell you that you will. On the other hand, a towel is important to wipe excess lotion after you are done applying it. In case you use lotions that have bronzers, be careful with the towel you use, as bronzers can leave color behind.

Be careful to not overdo your tan

Overdoing your tan will not only make you look unnatural, but it can also have serious side-effects. In addition to putting yourself at a higher risk of developing skin cancer, you can get burned as well as spend more money on something that we do nothing for your physical appearance and health.

Spend minimum time lying in a tanning bed – just enough to get a reaction. Make your visit to the tanning parlor occasional as well.

Be very careful with the bronzer

We have already discussed how bronzer can leave stains which is precisely why you should wear old clothes that you wouldn’t mind getting stained. You can definitely use a stain remover to help you in case of an unfortunate event, but then again, prevention is always better than cure.

Always keep a bottle of moisturizer handy

I don’t need to inform you about the benefits of moisturizing. This is a very essential and important part of any skin care routine if you want to protect your skin making it look nourished and hydrated. Now, after tanning, this need gets even more magnified as you are exposing yourself to harmful UV rays. Hence, you should always take out time to keep applying moisturizer to your skin periodically to eliminate any dryness and restore the water level in your skin.

Don’t forget to use protective covers and lip protection

It is extremely important that you always cover your eyes before you enter the tanning bed using an eye cover. You see, it is important to protect your eyes from the UV radiation as permanent damage can be caused by prolonged exposure. Usually, tanning salons do provide protection for you so you don’t have to worry as such but it would be recommended to call up the salon to verify this.

Hair cover and nail cover can be beneficial to protect your manicure from fading in addition to protecting your hair from any potential damage. Lastly, make sure that you apply a chapstick or lip balm with a high SPF too.

Usually, people tend to overlook these parts whenever they go for tanning as they are not aware of how harmful this exposure to sensitive areas. As mentioned before, you can get burnt if you end up spending way too many hours in a tanning bed which is precisely why you should take every possible measure to protect yourself.

Keep moving around to make sure that you don’t tan unevenly

One of the dead giveaways of unnatural tan is uneven tan. A common error that people make is by not paying attention to their armpits and other points of your body that usually come in contact with the tanning bed such as your elbows. Even your arms, hips, and back may look unnatural as a result of this.

This is exactly why you should regularly keep lifting your arm in the tanning bed and keep changing your position so that you never have to worry about uneven tanning. If you’re wondering how to proceed with this, you can always ask a professional at the tanning salon.

Educate yourself as much as you can about tanning safely to protect yourself

Even though this is the last point, it is one of the most important points that you should do first. There are a lot of misconceptions and unanswered questions that people tend to have about tanning.

Take out time to ask your local tanning salon about absolutely everything that you might be curious about. Learn about the safety measures that they use to ensure your safety with regard to the involved equipment and their own expertise. You also have to be aware of your skin type and needs as there are quite a number of different tanning beds that have different applications.

It is also equally crucial to be aware of the risks of using a tanning bed and what you can do to minimize them.