Best Arizona Bike Trips To Take In 2021

Tucked into the southwest corner of the United States, Arizona may seem out of the way. Don’t let that deter you from planning a bike trip to that great state. Many adventures await you on the bike paths and trails of Arizona. 

Road Trails

Let’s start with some of the trails that are Ebike friendly. Whether you just purchased an electric bike for beginners or have been an Ebiker for years, you will enjoy riding on these paved paths.

  1. Mt. Lemmon: On the edge of Tuscon you’ll find the Mt. Lemmon Trail. It’s 30 miles on the Catalina Highway that takes you to the top of the mountains for some spectacular views.
  2. Saguaro National Park East: An eight-mile loop in Tucson, you can enjoy the desert scenery and the eponymous Saguaro cactus.
  3. Tortilla Flats: This ride through the Superstition Mountains is just over 90 miles long. Plenty of stops along the way can make it a fun, week-long journey.

Easier Mountain Trails

Hybrid bikes for women and men can handle these trails. A little more rugged and tougher than the paved trails above, they still don’t require any specialized biking equipment. These moderate trails are a good option for less experienced mountain bikers.

  1. Schultz Creek: Located in Flagstaff, this 25 mile single-track offers great views of the mountains. The elevation tops out at about 1,800 feet.
  2. Los Burros: This trailhead begins at the Los Burros campground in the White Mountains. You will bike through pine and aspen forests. Be sure to keep an eye out for elk and deer.
  3. Cathedral Rock Trail: South of Sedona in the town of Oak Creek, you’ll find the Bell Rock Trailhead. Start your ride there to connect to Cathedral Rock. It’s a great trail for your women’s 26 inch hybrid bike.

The Big One

If there were ever one trail to rule them all, the Arizona Trail would be it. It’s simply huge in scope and range, covering over 800 miles of Arizona wilderness from the Vermillion Cliffs at the Utah border to the Huachuca Mountains on the Mexico border. If you are looking for the ultimate Arizona bike trip, this is it.

There are some important things to know about biking the AZT. First, it’s a shared trail. You will be joined by hikers and runners on various sections. Be nice and make room. Second, there are some segments that are off-limits to mountain bikers due to wilderness restrictions. There are preferred routes around these areas that you should take. Third, Ebikes are not allowed on the AZT.

Bikepacking is encouraged on the AZT. There are numerous online and published guides to help you plan a backpacking trip. This is beautiful terrain, but it is also unforgivable. Be sure to get informed about trail conditions and precautions as you plan your trip.

No matter which bike adventure you decide upon for your Arizona trip, you’ll enjoy your time more if you plan ahead and are prepared. Go online today to learn more about the biking trails of Arizona.