7 Benefits of Taking Helicopter Tours on Your Vacation

Going on vacation soon?

Before you explore the city or beach and hit all the usual tourist spots, consider taking helicopter tours! It’s a fun activity that a lot of people don’t hop on. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore a vacation spot by air.

Why should you go on a helicopter ride?  Is it worth the investment?

We’ve got seven reasons listed right here for you. Continue reading to discover why you should go on a fun helicopter tour the next time you’re out on vacation: 

1. It’s Fun and Exciting

Taking a trip on a helicopter is a fun adventure. Not a lot of people get to explore a city above ground. Even people who ride planes regularly for travel don’t get to truly enjoy the activity since they’re stuck in a tight vehicle on a designated route. 

Even preparing for helicopter rides is a fun activity. Preparing and putting on helicopter safety equipment is a unique experience that you don’t get on any other kind of trip.

2. Spectacular Aerial View

Ever rode a plane? You don’t get much of a good view. The windows are small and the route is already planned out for you, with no deviation allowed.

Views from helicopters are the exact opposite. There are large, wide windows, ensuring you get a beautiful view of the city and countryside. It’s your tour too so if you want to take a longer route to enjoy the scenery, you can. 

Also, since you’re in a helicopter, you get to explore the neighborhood at a distance most planes can’t. You can get a little closer to the ground, too close for comfort for a plane, but also climb higher for a spectacular overhead view.

3. New Perspective

Even if you’ve been in the city for years, there’s nothing like seeing it from a helicopter. The experience opens up your perspective, showcasing how the city or countryside operates from a different point of view. It’s a sight most people never get to see.

Taking helicopter tours on vacations gives you the advantage of exploring a place like no one else. Most people will get to walk around and explore a tourist spot but you’ll be able to see things from the sky. It’s unique and not a lot of people get to try it out.

Your perspective is different and you shouldn’t forget to take a few photographs to commemorate the moment! That leads us to our next main point.

4. Photography Opportunities

While you’re up in the sky, don’t forget to take pictures and videos! You have the opportunity to take amazing photographs of landscapes and city hotspots like no other. Use the chance to capture as many great moments as you can.

One might argue that a drone can do the same. However, by law, drones can only fly up to 400 feet in the air. When you’re in a helicopter, you can take amazing overhead shots.

This means you can take images and videos that even people with high-end drones can’t. Use a GoPro, DSLR, or mirrorless camera to snap high-quality pictures when in motion. If you want something a little different and nostalgic, use a Polaroid or Instax Mini to instantly print out pictures from your helicopter ride.

5. No Traffic

One benefit of helicopter tours is the fact you don’t need to deal with traffic! There are no traffic lights, cars, and narrow highways to block your path. The pilot has the freedom of the skies and you can get from Point A to Point as quickly as you want. 

Do you live in one of the cities with the worst traffic? Take a helicopter to skip the long lines and drive entirely. 

This makes helicopter tours an amazing option when you’re newlywed. Why ride out to your wedding reception when you go there quickly and in style via a helicopter trip? It’s far more romantic and it’ll impress the guests too!

6. VIP Treatment

Who doesn’t want to feel like they’re a VIP? One amazing thing to consider about these tours is that you often get to ride a helicopter all by yourself. It’s rare to share a ride with other clients. 

Booked a tour with a known and reliable agency, such as https://www.ultimate-helitours.com/? You can expect them to take good care of you and pay attention to all your requests and needs. It’s like renting a limousine and getting the VIP treatment, except this time you also get a ride that lives up to the promise. 

You don’t even have to pay extra. The people in charge of the helicopter tour make it a point to treat you like a VIP. It not only makes you feel good but it’ll convince you to keep coming back!

7. Memorable Gifts

Speaking of good treatment, you can treat someone you love with a helo tour. Is it your lover’s birthday or your anniversary? Take them out on a tour and show them the beauty of the area from a vantage point very few get to experience!

Now that person can experience all the benefits listed above. They’ll feel like a VIP, get to go on an amazing ride, and take all the photos and videos most people can’t! It’s a simple but effective gift you can give to anyone. 

Start Taking Helicopter Tours Today

Why go for a walk when you can go by air? Try taking helicopter tours today to capture amazing photographs and to see the city or country in a new light. It’s an experience like no other and you can share that experience with someone you love as a fulfilling gift.

Of course, this only covers the beauty of taking a helicopter tour.

There are other activities to try out. If you want to learn about more entertaining ideas, feel free to discover a few in our lists and guides right here!