Best Apps for Getting Through Lockdown

It is hard to escape the fact that the world is currently experiencing a pandemic of COVID-19. News on the subject is everywhere with many countries now enforcing measures to ensure that we stay at home to prevent it from spreading further. 

While we all want this disease to be gone for good, lockdown itself brings about issues. We are locked in our homes and cannot enjoy the things that we usually can. Boredom, tension and frustration build. 

For that reason, we have put together a list of several apps that can help us through this difficult period in time. These will allow us to kill some time, destress and perhaps even experience a little bit of entertainment. 

Recipe Apps

Cooking can be very therapeutic as well as filling both your time and your belly during the lockdown. Instead of cooking up the same old dishes, why not use apps like Supercook to give you some interesting new recipes to cook. You could try something new each day. If you do not have many ingredients due to not being able to top as much as you would like, do not worry as there are plenty of simple recipes too. 

Workout Apps

Inactivity is not only boring but it is far from healthy for our bodies. Why not combine a bit of exercise with some fun? There are tons of workout apps that you can use such as the Seven Minute Workout app. You could even get the children involved to help let them burn some energy. Dance away to Zumba or do some other kind of workout. 


Another great app that you can take advantage of during lockdown is a VPN. Why? Because once you have exhausted everything that you want to watch on Netflix, the BBC iPlayer or any other streaming service, you can use a VPN to unblock content in other regions. For instance, you could connect to a server in Turkey to gain access to Netflix türkiye.

Most VPN providers will offer an app version which mobile users can connect to. Just do a bit of research and you will find one that suits your budget and needs. 

Meditation Apps

Lockdowns can also be testing for our mental strength and this is not surprising. Being locked down can almost feel like we are in prison. This is why it is important to consider our stress levels as well as everything else during this time. Meditating is a great way to calm our stress levels, so why not download a mediation app such as the Calm Meditation App?


There are plenty of other apps too, so when you are not enjoying Netflix türkiye içerik or a workout, you can download numerous games, puzzles, books and other interesting apps that can help to make the lockdown at least a little more manageable. Then hopefully, within a week or two life can start to get back to normal.