6 Reasons to Choose Canmore, Alberta for Your Vacation Destination

People love Canmore, Alberta. In fact, Kananaskis Country had 5.39 million visitors, breaking all kinds of tourism records!

So consider visiting this gorgeous, nature-honoring locale to see what the hype is about! Surround yourself with some of Mother Nature’s best sights and a local population that cherishes its town.

But how can you unwind in Canmore, Alberta? What can you do in this stunning city if you want more excitement?

Keep reading to learn more.

  1. Wine and Cheese Hikes

There are plenty of places to hike in Canmore, but you can amp up the scenery with a wine and cheese spread. But you don’t need to strengthen your back muscles beforehand to carry your meal uphill.

Instead, in a guided wine and cheese hike, you hike slowly. This allows you to enjoy the sights around. Then your guide leads the party to their final destination, which greets them with a sumptuous spread of gourmet wines and cheeses.

  1. Mountain Climbing

Canmore is full of mountain climbing enthusiasts, especially since it’s full of mountains and rocky terrain outside of bureaucratic jurisdiction. Despite this, there are plenty of approachable mountains to climb, even for beginners who aren’t sporty.

Not only that but mountain climbing can be part of both summer and winter activities! If you’re coming to Canmore specifically to climb, understand that you can do so all year round.

  1. Canmore Highland Games

If you land in Canmore during the first week of September, you might catch the Canmore Highland Games! This event hails from Scotland and tests participants’ physical finesse. By attending, you’ll see passionate people play their hearts out and be surrounded by festivities celebrating Scottish culture.

  1. Fish for Trout

What better way to tuck into Basecamp Properties amenities than with a fresh fish dinner? That much is possible when you fish for trout. With rich mountain scenery, Canmore’s bound to have a few reliable fishing holes.

In fact, the Canmore region is considered one of the best places to fish for trout. But if you’re a newbie who’s too intimidated by a brand new hobby, you could go on a guided fishing tour.

  1. Canmore Uncorked

Like drinking? Then you’ll love Canmore Uncorked, the region’s ten-day food, and drink festival. Here, attendees can enjoy the locale’s finest culinary experiences.

If you’d like to be even more hands-on, participate in the festival’s cooking classes and events! Along with the numerous wine tastings and progressive dinners, those features will provide many unforgettable Canmore experiences.

  1. Daily Bike Rides

Some people can’t go about their day without a daily bike ride. Luckily, Canmore has plenty of bike rental services! Visitors can also use their passion for biking to create sightseeing opportunities, zipping past and taking in Canmore’s luscious countryside and towering mountains.

Vacation means something different for everybody. So if it means having more time to get on your bike, take advantage of Canmore’s rich biking culture!

Explore Every Inch of Canmore, Alberta!

Canmore, Alberta is perfect for visitors, whether they want a quiet getaway or an action-packed adventure. Chances are, you fall into one or both camps. So build your itinerary to make the most of your trip!

This guide encourages viewers to take advantage of their trip to Canmore, Alberta. If it amped up your itinerary, check out the rest of our blog! We’ve got plenty of other content for travelers such as you.