5 Signs You May Need a Generator Repair


Do you own a generator? If you do, you must keep it in top shape. It should be ready to go when you need it.

You know that a generator can provide power when it goes out after a storm. When a storm hits, you don’t want to be running around for a new generator if it isn’t working. Keep in mind that home generator demand goes up as winter approaches.

Make sure you look out for the signs that you might need a generator repair. Read on to learn 5 signs to look for.

1. Generator Has Difficulties Starting

It’s a good idea to test your generator often. Doing so will give you an idea if it’s working properly. If your generator has difficulty starting up, it can become frustrating.

What might the issue be if your generator doesn’t start up right away? It could be a sign that there’s internal damage. It might also be due to bad or old fuel.

A bad fuel filter might be behind the issue too. This is an issue that needs generator repair service.

2. Power Output Is Inconsistent

Is your generator’s power output inconsistent? If this is the case, you shouldn’t put it off or ignore it. If it works but isn’t consistent, you need to call a generator repair company.

Look for the signs that show your generator isn’t working well. The signs include flickering lights and shutting down at random intervals.

3. Abnormal Smells or Noises

Is your generator releasing unusual smells? The smells might be due to a gas leak.

Never leave the generator running if there’s a gas leak. Doing so is a major safety risk. It can lead to a fire.

If you hear rattling or squeaking sounds, you should stop using the generator. Internal damage might be the cause of the strange noises.

4. Internal or External Leaks

Internal and external leaks are easy to spot. You’ll notice if there’s a leak. Look for the mess that’s around the generator.

You may find fuel or coolant fluid leaking out. If there’s a leak of any kind, you should move the generator to an area where there’s ventilation. The ventilation will prevent fumes from building up.

5. Improper Installation

You don’t have to know how a generator works, but you should know how to install one. To work properly, you need to install it on a level surface.

If you install it on a tilted surface the fuel will not be fed to the motor evenly. This will result in poor performance.

If you’re having issues with your generator, you should contact a Generac dealer. The dealer will send a technician to repair your generator. If the issue isn’t repaired, you can buy a replacement generator from the dealer.

Call a Generator Repair Service Company Today

Look for these 5 signs that can signal if there’s an issue with your generator. Call a generator repair company to fix your generator so you can use it when you need it. You don’t want to be left in the dark.

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