Which Casino Games Give the Best Odds?


Despite recent challenges, figures published by the American Gaming Association suggest that the casino industry is on track to record its most lucrative year ever.

This is due to casino-goers flocking to their favorite spots as restrictions ease, as well as the newfound popularity of online gambling.

Are you curious to discover whether casino games are as much fun as the figures indicate? Keep reading to find out what your chances are of winning at casinos.

How Do Gaming Odds Work?

Most casino games rely heavily on the luck of the draw, although the rules of each game dictate the probability of success for both the house and the player.

For instance, in a lucky draw entered by ten people, each person has a 1 in ten chance of winning. Of course, it gets a little more complicated than that with casino games.

Many factors influence the odds when it comes to casino games. In card games, the number of cards involved and your chosen winning combination of these cards comes into play.

The more you wager, the more you stand to win, too.

In gambling, the house always has the edge, which means that they’re guaranteed to win over time. For every player that wins, countless others don’t.

You might think that online casinos can manipulate the odds in their favor. Yet there are two reasons why they can’t.

In the first instance, these unscrupulous websites wouldn’t attract many customers if they didn’t play fair. Secondly, these websites rely on software that works according to the real-life odds of casino games.

Unless they use this kind of strictly regulated software, they stand to lose their licenses. So, you needn’t worry about getting cheated when you gamble online.

Casino Games With the Best Odds

Based on the above, it’s easy to see how the format of a game affects its odds. Table games always offer better odds than slots.

These are your top choices if you’d like to experience the thrill of winning at gambling:


Blackjack involves elements of skill as well as luck and has the best odds of all games. When you play blackjack, you have a 49% chance of winning.

It’s a simple game with few complicated bets, so it’s a good choice for your first casino visit, or as an online diversion.


Craps is a dice game and gets a little more complicated. So, while you have a 50% chance of winning if you bet on whether the ‘shooter’ will win or lose, the odds decrease with more complicated bets.

It works like this:

  • The shooter rolls the dice
  • The shooter wins if they roll a seven or eleven
  • You can place a win-or-lose bet on this first roll
  • If the shooter rolls any other number, that number becomes the point
  • The shooter must roll the point before they can win off a seven or eleven again
  • You can place win-or-lose bets on any roll of the dice
  • You can also place more advanced bets, but your odds decrease

The more advanced your bets are, the more you stand to win. If you’re just getting started gambling, it’s best to stick to the simple bets until you learn more advanced casino win strategies.


Roulette is another easy game with high chances of winning if you stick to uncomplicated bets.

The game consists of spinning a ball in a rotating drum marked with black and red numbers from 0 to 36. When the ball comes to rest on one of these numbers, you win based on that number.

You can place some win-or-lose bets when you play roulette. You can bet on the chances of an odd or even, black or red number coming out tops.

When you place one of these bets, you stand a 50:50 chance of winning.

If you want to win more for your efforts, you can bet on a range of numbers or a specific number. The more specific your bet, the more you stand to win.

Gambling Games With the Worst Odds

Some casino games have much lower odds, but also boast bigger profits when you get it right. These include:


With hundreds of different slot machine games to choose from, it’s not surprising that the odds of winning vary wildly. Each slot machine offers different odds.

Casinos must publish this information, so check before you start throwing in your coins. Slot machines feature rolling drums marked with numbers or symbols that come to rest in rows.

When you play slots, you can bet on several rows and win based on which numbers or symbols roll into place in line with your choice. The more rows you choose, the more you stand to win, and the more you pay to play.


Poker is one of the world’s most popular card games and some people even play poker for a living. It’s a relatively straightforward game if you stick to the basics, although it’s impossible to predict the odds.

You have more control over winning at poker since you can choose what to do with the hand you’re dealt. It takes experience to know how to best work with this hand, though.

Fortunately, you can practice your poker moves at home before venturing to the casino and increase your chances of winning that way.

Thanks to these lucrative payouts, poker and slots are also some of the most popular games. They also have a higher element of fun than other games, so if you enjoy casino games, win or lose, you can still get enjoyment out of poker and slots.

Keep the Odds in Your Favor

Casino games provide an excellent and entertaining diversion in your downtime. Yet, you mustn’t lose your shirt in the process.

There’s no doubt that some people find gambling addictive. If you find you can’t control your on- or offline gambling habits, you must talk to someone about this immediately.

There are numerous places you can turn to for help. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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