4 Simple Tips for Becoming Famous on Instagram

Did you know that Instagram has over 2 billion monthly active users?

That means that if you were pinning your 2022 dreams on becoming Instagram famous, you’ve got a lot of competition. Realistically, it’s no surprise that ‘Instagram Influencer is now a popular career choice among children.

The world of influencing is all about nice clothes, parties, great food, and the VIP treatment (not forgetting the hard work, of course). If you’re serious about becoming famous on Instagram, you need to graft in the early days to get your account noticed on the illusive Insta algorithm.

Read on to find out how to become an Instagram celebrity in 2022.

1. Find Your Niche

One of the essential Instagram tips you’ll hear from every Instagram celebrity is that you need to find your niche. Trying to please everyone with every content type will work against you.

Instead, you need to find a niche group of people and post exactly to their needs. This will help you grow an engaged and loyal following (rather than bots and inactive accounts).

2. Be Consistent

Next, it’s time to start posting. You need to establish a posting routine. Decide how many posts you’ll put up each week and stick to your schedule. Make sure that you don’t commit to too many posts (quality over quantity any day!)

Instagram provides engagement statistics; use them. Have a look at when your followers are most active and post according to their timeframes.

If you need reminders, simply use a scheduling app instead. These apps allow you to write content in advance, and they’ll post the content for you at a specified time.

3. Optimize Your Profile

Next, make sure your Instagram profile is aesthetically pleasing. After all, this is all people see before choosing to press the follow button.

Make sure you use consistent color schemes, fonts, and filters. If you’re using an app like Canva to format your posts, stick to similar design themes.

4. Smart Posting

Finally, don’t forget to consider the Instagram algorithm and the thought process of your followers. Although Instagram tactics are not as complicated as web SEO, it’s still important to consider.

First, ensure your content is authentic; followers will see straight through empty brand deals. Next, encourage engagement; engagement is more valuable than a large, uninterested audience. Finally, don’t be afraid to get the ball rolling with some additional services; you can learn more about the ultimate instagram followers hack by clicking the link.

Becoming Famous on Instagram: Your 2022 Goal

That’s the whistlestop tour of five simple tricks that’ll help you rise through the Instagram ranks in 2022. Searching ‘becoming famous on Instagram’ was a great start; now, it’s time to put your research into action!

What are you waiting for? Why not upload a picture of you upskilling yourself with your coffee and laptop?

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