3 Tips for Women Considering Gun Ownership


Gun ownership in the United States is one of the many liberties available to its citizens. Have you considered it? If your answer is yes, read on for three tips to make it the best (and safest) experience possible. 

  1. Hit the Classroom 

If you’re going to own a gun, education is an absolute must. It’s true that a gun is only as safe as its owner, so don’t take any of this lightly. A wonderful way to become comfortable with gun handling is to immerse yourself in classes that cover key points such as basic gun functionality, loading, technique and more. Staying current with your shooting skills and gun handling is essential to maintain and improve your comfort level.

  1. Outfit Yourself Wisely 

Many gun owners choose to carry directly on their person, for both safety and convenience. Making sure you are doing it safely is important… but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be stylish! While there are many traditional ways to conceal and carry, women’s concealment gear has become very popular recently. Undergarment staples — leggings and tank tops, plus purses and outerwear — are available to give you fashion forward and functional options. 

  1. Have Fun With It

Did you know that visiting a range and firing off a few rounds has some pretty amazing health benefits? It’s true! So if increased coordination, boosted confidence, and a clearer mindset appeal to you, why not give it a try? Typically you are able to rent firearms at a range so you don’t need to own prior to going. A bonus to that is you’ll get to try out a variety of guns before you make a purchase.

If you’ve decided that gun ownership is right for you, utilizing the many resources available will make your experience a fulfilling one.