3 Tips on Managing Stress

These are unprecedented times. People are losing their jobs, struggling to pay bills and facing health fears like never before. This naturally leads to more stress and anxiety in their lives. Here are three tips on how to manage stress and anxiety during these troubling times.

  1. Try Meditation

If you have not tried meditation before, this may be the perfect time. You can look up meditation practices near you like Daoist spiritual tradition Hopewell NJ. Yoga and tai chi are not only good for your physical health, helping with things like balance, flexibility and core strength, but also your mental and emotional health. 

Meditation can help you find inner peace amid external turmoil. As many of these practices are also a form of exercise, they can get those endorphins running and make you feel better.

  1. Practice Self Care

Coronavirus-related stress is real. It is important to take time to breathe and take care of yourself. 

Be sure to take time to relax and do something that makes you happy. This could be taking a relaxing bath or even something as simple as a face mask or hot foot soak. If you enjoy cooking, it can be making homemade meals for yourself and loved ones. Take time to think about what makes you happy and invest time in that activity or pleasure. 

  1. Eat Well

Eating right is important for fighting stress and also boosting your immune system. Taking vitamin C daily is not enough. You want to support that with a healthy diet that incorporates a variety of food groups to ensure you are getting all the essential nutrients. That includes healthy fats such as those found in salmon and olive oil, fermented foods such as kefir or kimchi, and of course daily servings of vegetables and fruits. 

These are just three tips on how you can help manage stress in your daily life. Try one or try them all to see how they can help you.