10 Ways to Convert Your Money into Digital Gift Cards

It happens every Christmas. You have no idea what to get that one relative or friend as a gift. It drives you crazy.

After all, just giving cash seems thoughtless. If you have to give money, wouldn’t it be better to give a gift card to a place you know they like?

In such cases, digital gift cards provide the solution you need! These convenient items don’t require a physical card. Instead, somebody can use them from their phone to purchase things they want.

They also function similarly to bank accounts in that you can add money to them. The only question is, how can you convert your cash into electronic gift cards funds?

If you’re not sure how to do this, you’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we’ll explore ten ways you can convert cash to online gift cards.

  1. Buy Digital Gift Cards 

The most basic way to convert cash into gift cards online is to buy them in a store. When you walk into retailers like 7-Eleven, CVS, Walgreens, or Dollar General, you’ll often see the option to purchase MoneyPak from their gift card sections.

If you purchase these with cash, you can apply the amount you spent to the online gift card. Doing so allows you to redeem the money to your account. Alternatively, you can send cash to somebody else’s gift cards. However, there may be fees or limits to consider.

  1. Load Cash at Store Registers

In the previous section, we said that the easiest way to convert cash was to buy digital gift cards using cash. The second simplest method is to take your ecard with you to the retailer.

Once you’re there, you can ask somebody at the register to deposit cash to your ecard. Make sure you have a cash amount equivalent to what you want to deposit. Likewise, ensure you have enough money to cover fees or limits.

  1. Using Bank to Card Transfers

This method may seem a little convoluted, but it has long-term benefits. In this case, you link a checking or savings account through the ecard’s app.

From there, you can make a bank to card transfer. These transfers may take up to four days to process. There may be limits as to how much money you can transfer.

When you do this, you can also deposit cash into your account through the bank. Your ecard account becomes like any other bank account.

  1. Using Direct Deposit

Although not currently available, soon, developers expect to have a direct deposit option. When this happens, you’ll be able to have employers send money directly to your ecard account. This option will save you time and effort.

  1. Gift Card Exchange Kiosk

Another option for depositing money into digital gift card accounts is to use a gift card exchange kiosk. These kiosks function similarly to an ATM.

When you arrive at the kiosk, register to use it. After doing so, you can add as much money as you like to your ecard account. To learn more about this process, check out https://www.bytefederal.com/.

  1. Using a Bitcoin ATM

How much do you know about cryptocurrency? It may seem like a strange question, but digital gift cards can function in ways similar to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Because of this, you can use a Bitcoin ATM to convert cash into ecard accounts.

These ATMs function similarly to regular models. First, select where you want to deposit your money. From there, insert the amount of cash you’d like.

The ATM will convert that cash into digital gift card funds. This transaction may take a few days to complete.

  1. Buying Reload Packs

Another way to add money back to your account is to purchase a reload pack. These packs function similarly to the initial card that you purchased. In this case, the difference is that you now have an active account.

So, when you purchase these packs, you can add money to your pre-existing account. These purchases allow you to keep money in your account. This ability differs from a physical gift card whose funds eventually run out.

  1. Receiving Transfers From Others

If you’re like most people, you probably have friends or family members who don’t know what to get you for special occasions. In such cases, you can ask them to add money to your ecard account.

All your loved ones have to do is learn where to send the money. Once they do, they can directly wire the cash to your account. Fortunately, these transfers happen immediately with no wait time.

Another advantage to this approach is that it’s free. If your loved ones download the app for your carrier, the transfer is an easy process.

  1. Transfer Money From Your Other Accounts

Some people love to keep a constant fund on their accounts for things they buy every day. For example, several people use their Starbucks app to buy their morning coffee and build their rewards points.

If that describes you, there’s a way you can keep your account funded. You can transfer money from your checking or savings accounts to your ecard account. This method is a straightforward approach to keep your account afloat.

  1. Turn Physical Gift Cards into Ecards

Finally, you can also convert your physical gift cards into ecards. When you create an account with a carrier, you can redeem your card and add the new funds into your account.

How do you do this? First, open your app and click the redeem option.

These days, most provide you an option to use your camera to scan the redemption code. Alternatively, you may have to enter the code manually. Once you do, the account credits the funds to your system.

Buy Digital Gift Cards Today

Digital gift cards add convenience to your daily life. You can use the money as a specified account, helping you to keep track of your finances.

They also make helpful ways to give gifts to your loved ones. So, find the best digital gift cards today!

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