What Is Live Roulette And Exactly How To Play It Online?

Do you have a great passion for video gameplay? Have you ever played roulette that becomes the favorite choice of myriads of players? If you do, then you’ll certainly aware of the immensely exciting experience this game offers. To provide gamers with the increasing fun, game developers have created the live version of roulette. Excited to know more about this game? Keep on reading this post.

What Is Live Roulette?

Launched to provide gamblers with the realistic gaming experience on desktop and mobile devices, live roulette is a highly interactive and popular game. It is a video game that depends heavily on luck and played with a live dealer in an engaging environment. High-definition video is broadcasted live straight on player’s device with impressive graphics.

Different Types Of Live Roulette

To get maximum fun while playing, it is essential to try different variants of live roulette according to your game style and bankroll. There are plenty of roulette live games to play online and some of them are given in the following table –

French Roulette HD Roulette Speed Roulette
American Roulette European Roulette Automatic or Slingshot Roulette
En Prison Roulette Mobile Live Roulette Roulette with Side Bets
Double Ball Roulette Native Language Roulette Double Wheel Roulette
And Lots More…

All of these roulettes have a different payout, RTP (return to player), and odds. Thus, before choosing any of these games, gather the relevant details such as streaming quality, layout, numbers on the wheel, etc.

How To Play Live Roulette Online?

The objective of a live roulette game is to guess the number on which a ball will land on a spinning wheel. You have to place one or more bets on a certain number. Once the betting time ended, a real dealer puts the spinning ball on the roulette wheel. You will win the wager if a ball will eventually land on the number that you predict and bet within the wheel.

Winning Table Of Inside & Outside Bets

Mainly there are 2 types of live roulette bets – inside and outside. Bets placed on an individual number or a group of numbers within the central grid are referred to as inside bets. Outside bets are placed on the combination and patterns of numbers. Every roulette bet pays out differently.

This table comprises types of inside & outside bets and their payout details.

Inside Bets Outside Bets
Bet Type Payout Bet Type Payout
Basket 11-1 Column 2-1
Topline 6-1 Odd 1-1
Straight Up 35-1 Even 1-1
Split 17-1 Black 1-1
6 Line 5-1 Red 1-1
Corner 8-1 Dozen 2-1
Street 11-1 1-18 1-1

Live roulette is an excellent live dealer game with the option of multiple different views to select while playing the game such as 3D view, classic view, and immersive view. For awesome winning experience, choose reliable roulette casino sites and strategies that make you a successful player. Pick right live roulette variation and don’t count on the betting system. If you want to wager large, then play outside bets. The best strategies you can use include Martingale Strategy, Reverse Martingale Strategy, D’Alembert Strategy, and Fibonacci System.