What Are the Best Kinds of Venues for Company Parties?

It’s your job to plan the next company events. With so much pressure on you, you can barely think. You need this to go well and for the attendance to be high.

When planning company parties, the biggest concern is the venue, right? Where it will be will set the right tone and mood. If you choose the wrong place, everyone will blame you.

To find the best event venues, read our guide below.


When thinking of where to plan company parties, restaurants are often the first choice. Whether you need a room or rent out the entire restaurant, the staff will have you covered. You can usually count on restaurants to host private events too.

Event planning comes with its costs and restaurants are great for meeting every budget. Find somewhere that will accommodate everyone’s diets and you’ll be golden.


Party planning a corporate gig at a bar is the best option when you want a cozier vibe. Choose from pubs to speakeasies or sports bars.

Enjoy a friendly atmosphere over some beer and a light nosh. Look to host corporate events at a bar during the daytime for a steal.

If you want to enjoy some views with your drink, you could even host company boat parties, too.

Breweries, Wineries, and Distilleries

If you want to step up your game from a bar, go with a brewery, winery, or distillery. When choosing these event venues, you will have the luxury of their brews.

Your guests will love the interesting atmosphere as well as signature drinks. There is plenty to learn from the staff and to see how everything works. Grab a seat next to the equipment to see how they come up with the recipes.


Company parties at hotels are an excellent choice since they have options like restaurants, bars, conference rooms, and ballrooms. If the party goes into the late hours, guests can stay the night too.

Guests will feel right at home with the friendly staff. When event planning and needing something all-inclusive, you can’t go wrong with a hotel.


For a more rustic feel, why not opt for a barn when planning company parties? You’ll have plenty of room for your guests to explore. Rather than gathering in the hustle and bustle of the city, you could go for a scenic experience.

You’ll find barns with modern bells and whistles with stunning backdrops too.

Create Company Parties With Style

As you can see there are a slew of choices to make for where to hold company parties. Whatever you choose, think of the guests. The better you know your audience, the better the experience will be for them.

We can’t wait to see what you choose. Get ready to hear the compliments coming in.

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