What Are the Benefits of Installing Residential Solar Panels?

Did you know that solar is the world’s cheapest and most plentiful energy source? The cost of constructing and installing new solar energy production fell to $1.65 per watt in December 2016. That barely edged out its alternative rival wind, at $1.66 per watt.

Solar panels are an excellent method to save money on electricity. It also decreases your home’s environmental effect and has several other advantages. Supporting local businesses and helping to reach energy independence are two examples.

Do you want to live off the grid and produce renewable energy? Here are some of the advantages of having residential solar panels installed on your roof.

Residential Solar Panels Reduce Energy Costs 

Solar panels produce their own energy. It may also significantly reduce, if not eliminate, your monthly electricity cost. The higher your bill, the more probable it is that you will save money by switching.

The investment has a 3.5-year payback time, while the solar panels have a 10-year guarantee and a 25-year usable life. That means you’ll be generating free energy for at least 20 years. It’s a no-brainer, and it’s environmentally responsible as well as financially rewarding.

Get Tax Credits and Refunds

Your residential solar panels, together with your Titan solar generator, could actually pay you! For households who want to go solar, the government offers significant financial advantages.

The federal income tax advantage is nonrefundable. That means you cannot get a reimbursement for the savings. Instead, you may cut down on the amount of your taxes.

Additional credits are subject to change based on location. Extra benefits, depending on your state, may include:

  • cashback
  • reduced fees
  • property tax exemption
  • accelerated permissions

Solar-paneled households in some states may sell surplus energy to their local utility providers. Investigate credits available in your state by consulting the database of state renewable energy and energy efficiency incentives.

No matter where you reside, you almost certainly qualify for some incredible solar tax benefits. Utilize them while you still have the opportunity. 

Environmentally Friendly

Solar energy systems harness the sun’s pure and clean energy. Installing residential solar panels contributes to the fight against global warming. Solar energy reduces our collective reliance on fossil fuels.

Historically, electricity has been generated using fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas. When fossil fuels are burnt to generate energy, they release toxic chemicals that contribute significantly to air pollution and global warming.

Not only are fossil fuels environmentally destructive, but they are also a limited resource. As a result, the price fluctuates frequently and may rise significantly in a short time period.

Power Up!

If you live in a region with high energy costs and a sufficient solar rating, and you can afford the initial expenditure, residential solar panels are worth installing for the environment’s sake and the sake of your pocketbook. 

If you decide to buy solar panels, do your research and look for any incentives and the best solar contractor. Bear in mind that you are not required to purchase solar panels; you may also rent them.

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