What Amount of Raw Dog Food is Enough?

Raw food is generally great for dogs. It is more natural and easily accepted by the dog’s systems. However, this does not mean you should underfeed or overfeed the dog. After all, too much of anything, even the good ones, is poisonous. So how much raw food should you give your dog daily?

Experts like Houston Raw Pet Food produce pre-made raw food for pets. They understand what each dog requires at any particular time. Most of the time, vets and pet food experts recommend that you consider the dog’s nutritional needs. This can be gauged depending on the current condition of the dog. Besides that, you also need to factor in the dog’s size in terms of its weight and age. 

As a rule of thumb, you want to feed your dog at least 2 to 5 percent of their body weight daily. You need to pay attention to the dog’s physical activity as well. More active dogs will need more food to replenish the one spent when they are overactive.

If a dog has specific needs, you may have to talk to your vet to know what amounts it needs. Obese dogs may need less food to help them handle the extra weight and overcome the challenge. Dogs that are diabetic or those with organ issues will also need a strict diet regimen. Regardless of the number of times or food you give your dog, it definitely can benefit from a raw diet.

Once you establish the amount that can be given to your dog daily, divide the food into parts. Then, you can feed it twice or thrice a day and observe the changes in a few days.

Just be sure to buy the right raw pet food. The quality also matters. A well-prepared raw food combo will be perfect and not require excess feeding.

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