Useful Tips Choosing the Best Breast Pump for Your Breastfeeding Journey

Among in the endless option of breast pumps with different brands, styles and prices in the market today you might be busy of checking out some reviews and recommendations to come up with the most appropriate one.

However, the right person to ask before buying a breast pump is actually yourself. A product of a specific brand could be suitable for some people, but it might be inappropriate for you since you have different needs from them.

So the solution is to find out what you and your baby needs and in what stage of breastfeeding you are right now. these two matters will really work out on the end result. So here are some useful tips to help you decide which pump is best for your breastfeeding journey.

Choosing the Types

Now sit down and think what types of breast pump you want to buy depending on your need. It could be electric or manual, single or double pump. The manual type is best if you dont do pumping a lot. For branded collection of manual breast pumps in Sri lanka, check out this site

It is easier to carry and to use since it doesnt need electricity. You can bring it to travel so you can still let your baby get his milk anytime and anywhere. If you do pumping daily because you have to work, then this one is not the best option. Go with the electric pump so that you can pump your breasts every day without having to pull the handle.

Talking about the pumping frequency, a single breast pump is more suitable for those who dont need to often do pumping. Those who need to express milk for the whole day because of the busy hours working in the office must go with the double electric pumping, which can help you pump milk from both of your breasts so you will get more amount of it at the same time.

Considering Your Needs

There are some reasons why mothers dont do direct breastfeeding and this is not always because they are too busy to work. Under certain situasions, a mother might not be able to breast feed their babies directly such as medical treatment or premature born.

In this case, you have to use the hospital-grade breast pump to stimulate your breasts. Delivering more amount of milk is possible using the hospital-grade product since it works by imitating the feeding pattern of a newborn. Remember that you are in a special condition so you cant just use any product that you find interesting. If you are tight on a budget, check this site for some amazing budget friendly breast pump options that you can find in Sri Lanka.

One of the most common problems of breastfeeding a newborn is either the baby cant latch properly or your milk is not well delivered for him yet. Whatever you are in right now the hospital-grade breast pump is still the best product. expressing milk is much easier using this type of pumping since it helps you with the breastfeeding initiation and lets your baby fed properly in his early breastfeeding stage.

It is not about the price or the brand, but this is all about what you and your baby really need during the journey. A breast pump is just a tool to help you deliver what you must provide for your baby. As a mother you have a briliant sense that can help you know what kind of product to use and how you can make it effective to address any related problems.