Top 5 Best Small Football Clubs in Austria

Football is the most loved sport in Austria. With over 30 big and small football clubs excluding the national football team, Austria has a thriving passionate- and sometimes overly-devoted- fanbase who is ever-ready to don their team colors on and cheer for their team victory. Some even literally fight for their teams: think about Ultras Salzburg, who protested for the restoration of the club! Let’s look at the top 5 best Austrian small football clubs.

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SV Austria Salzburg

First found in 1933 in Salzburg Austria, this football club has Austrian Bundesliga twice to its name and was the first Austrian club to play in the Champions League. The happy time came to an end in 2005 when Red Bull purchased and renamed the club as FC Red Bull Salzburg. The loyal fans then protested and later re-found the club, thus restoring the original name. The extra-passionate Ultras Salzburg played a significant role in this restoration of name and honor.


Linzer Athletik Sport Klub, or Linzer ASK, or LASK, is a Linz-based football club. It has the reputation of being the oldest football club in the area and plays at the top tier in the Austrian Football Bundesliga. The club, which was founded on 7 August 1908, bagged the title of the Austrian Football Championship in 1965. The club sports the colors black and white majestically. 

SK Sturm Graz

Sportklub Sturm Graz is a Graz-based Austrian football club. Found in 1909, the club also sports the colors black and white. The team owns the title of the Austrian Football Championship thrice, regional Styrian championship 11 times, and has participated multiple times in UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League as well. The club has around 360,000 supporters across Austria and 4100,000 fans all over Europe. Its fan groups include Jewels Sturm, Brigata Graz, and Grazer Sturmflut.

SK Rapid Wien

SK Rapid Wien, lovingly called Rapid Vienna, is a football club based in Vienna. Found in 1897, the club has won Austrian Championship titles 32 times, 1 German Championship (1941), and has reached the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup finals twice in 1985 and 1996. No wonder during the matches, the fans cover the stadium with green and white- the team colors. The mind-blowing and ear-deafening cheers of the fans can attest to their love for the team.

Austria Wien

Austria Wien or Austria Vienna is a Vienna-based football club with an amazing number of titles to brag- 24 Austrian Bundesliga titles, 27 Austrian Cup titles, 6 Austrian Supercups, and 1 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup (1978)! Nicknamed Die Veilchen (The Violets) due to the team color violet, the club was found in March 1911.