Top 5 Baseball Drills and Games to Make Practice Fun

Baseball is a beautiful sport filled with strategy, intelligence, and sportsmanship. A lot of kids love baseball, but practice can often get boring.

It’s crucial that your little ballplayers stay interested and engaged if you want them to put their best foot forward this season.

Are you training to be a good baseball player this year? When you start getting ready for the season, it’s important to make practice fun. Here are five baseball drills and games for kids to play with your team that will teach life skills and make practice more enjoyable.

1. Pitcher versus Batter

It is a perfect drill for practicing pitching and batting. During weekly baseball practices, set up a batting tee or pitching machine at home plate and have the batter hit balls into the outfield.

The pitcher tries to catch them. If the pitcher catches the ball, the batter is out. If the batter hits the ball and the pitcher doesn’t catch it, the batter gets a single. This drill is perfect for practicing hand-eye coordination.

2. Home Run Derby

The Home Run Derby is one of the best baseball drill ideas to make practice fun. This classic game is a great way to work on your batting skills while having a friendly competition with your teammates.

To set up, choose a couple of hitters and a few outfielders. The hitters using a wooden training bat will take turns trying to hit as many home runs as possible while the outfielders try to catch them. 

3. Fielding Relay

It is a drill done with a group of players and is a great way to work on fielding skills. The drill is simple: players line up in two lines, with one line starting at shortstop and the other starting at second base.

The player at the front of each line throws the ball to the player at the back of the other line, and then the players switch lines. The players continue throwing the ball back and forth until the coach says to stop. 

4. Pickle Drill

This game-like drill tests your base running instincts and decision-making under pressure. It is where two fielders work together to get the ball out of a pickle.

The player who throws the ball tries to get it past the defender while the defender runs to tag out the runner. It is a great drill to help develop teamwork and communication between players. 

5. Baseball Obstacle Course

Use cones to set up simple baseball obstacle courses in the outfield.
First, have your players run the course while fielding ground balls. Second, place two cones 30 feet apart and have players throw the ball back and forth to each other while doing sit-ups, push-ups, or jump squats.

Finally, have players field ground balls and throw them to a partner trying to catch the ball in a bucket. It is a challenging course that will test your team’s coordination and baseball skills.

Baseball Drills and Games Help Your Team Enjoy While Training

These five baseball drills and games make practice fun for players of all ages. From basic fielding and hitting drills to interactive games that keep everyone involved, these activities will help hone skills while providing a good time.

So get out there and give them a try! Are you looking for more great content about sports? If you are, head on to our website today for even more!