Things To Look For When Choosing A Satellite Phone

Volcanic activities, landslides, earthquakes, and hurricanes are natural disasters affecting human lives. People living in areas experiencing such disasters have challenging lives, especially when a tragedy strikes. They are required to call for help to save their lives. Satellite phones are the only medium of communication when the disaster causes destructions of communication stations and lines. Before such tragedy happens, it is necessary to look for a sat phone sales. However, before you purchase a satellite phone, consider the following factors. 

Network coverage

Satellite phones don’t have the same coverage area. There is a variety of brands in the market which you can compare. Consult from friends, relatives, and dealers to help you determine the brand with good coverage in your area. For more info, check from the internet for necessary specifications you might need to know. Take your time before buying a phone. You don’t want to make a mistake that would cost your life in case of such a disaster.


Check out the features of each satellite phone. Most satellite phones can allow you to text, and some have email access. However, they have limited email replying abilities. Their internet connection only handles low-data usage. Look into the satellite phone’s safety features. In case you are in danger, not capable of making a call or texting, you can leave the GPS breadcrumb trail to allow the emergency team to find you. 

Durability and portability 

Most satellite phones are designed to be water-resistant. But, you need to understand that the degree of water and weather resistance will vary. Don’t mishandle your phone even though you are assured of its durability. Before purchasing, make sure you inquire about the most durable satellite phone. Satellite phones come in different sizes. Some satellite phones are of the same size as normal phones, making them easily portable. It is necessary to conduct your research slowly to get the type of satellite phone you want.