Things That Security Guards Can and Cannot Do as Per The Law in Texas

Knowing the limits of a security guard’s authority is instructive, whether you’re a prospective employee or a member of the general public. Many people mistakenly believe that a security guard has the same authority as the police just because he or she is dressed like a police officer. It is important to know your rights as a customer in the event that you are stopped by an aggressive security guard while going about your usual shopping.

Things That Security Guards Can and Cannot Do.

Security guards are crucial to ensuring the public’s safety in a wide range of contexts, from private businesses to large-scale public gatherings. Security guards must be aware of their legal limitations to ensure they stay within the law while doing their jobs. A few examples of what security guards can and cannot do is listed below.

Things That Security Guards Can Do.

  • Offer physical security. Physical security can be provided by security guards who either patrol a predetermined area or keep watch over entry and exit points. Bags and identification may be checked to verify that only authorized workers or guests are allowed in.
  • Use non-lethal force. In order to hold people who are breaching the law or posing a danger to themselves or others, security officers have the option of using non-lethal force. Handcuffs, pepper spray, and batons are among the tools that can be used in this context.
  • Conducting investigations. Security guards have the authority to look into occurrences and suspicious behavior inside their assigned territory. This entails evidence-gathering, like taking photographs and writing up findings.
  • Report incidents. Theft, vandalism, and assault are just some of the crimes that security guards must report to the police. Besides, they have the ability to record incidents and give evidence that can be used in investigations and prosecutions.

Things That Security Guards Cannot Do.

  • Make some arrests. Security guards can hold anyone who is breaching the law or who are a danger to themselves or others, but they do not have arrest powers. Arrests can only be made by authorized law enforcement personnel.
  • Carry firearms. Security guards can only carry guns if they have the proper permits. Guards may be authorized to carry batons or pepper spray, but they must always act lawfully.
  • Discriminate against people. Guards are prohibited from treating customers unfairly because of their gender, race, religion, or any other trait. Guards are required to treat everyone with dignity and fairness.
  • Invade someone’s personal space. Security guards are prohibited from conducting searches or seizing private goods without reasonable suspicion or a search warrant. Security guards may be permitted to conduct searches on people or places only if they have probable cause and follow established protocols.

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