The Secret to Healthy Grass

Last year was one of the hottest years on record. You’ll probably have already guessed this if you have a lawn in your backyard! Many of us suffered from parched and patchy lawns from extended hot and dry weather spells.

Before we hit the summer season, now’s the time to get your lawn looking lush for those lazy summer evenings.

That starts with getting your grass into tip-top condition. Here are the steps to take if you want healthy grass in your garden.

Treat Patchy Grass

A patchy lawn means some of your grass suffers from damage and will require intensive treatment. You can treat the lawn with a round of grass seed and fertilizer to help repair any delicate grass areas.

One tip that works if water puddles often leave your lawn uneven is to layer some compost. You’ll know if your lawn suffers from water damage as the grass will have a yellow tinge.

Change Your Mower Settings

Most modern mowers allow you to change the height setting when cutting your grass. The majority of us cut our lawn relatively short to minimize the frequency of mowing.

But to get a green lawn, change these, so you are leaving the lawn slightly longer. Ideally, you should cut the lawn between two to three inches for the healthiest green grass.

Leave Cuttings Alone

When you finish mowing, you might feel tempted to clear all those grass cuttings to get that perfect lawn. But did you know those grass cuttings are a natural fertilizer?

By leaving them in place and allowing the cuttings to decompose on the lawn, you’ll help keep your grass fresh and well-nourished. And it will save you time!

Treat Weeds by Hand

Lawn maintenance means keeping on top of weeds. However, don’t rely on chemical weedkillers to remove weeds that grow on your lawn. Instead, choose an organic treatment.

Although it is time-consuming, a better option is to deal with the problem by pulling out weeds by hand from the root. It isn’t for everyone, but it will give you that beautiful lush lawn you desire.

Buy a Sprinkler

The correct way to ensure an even and regular water distribution is to invest in a professional sprinkler for your garden. Ideally, water your garden with a sprinkler early in the morning before the hot sun is on your lawn.

Fertilizer Treatment

A good organic fertilizer will help repair most lawns. You may want to buy a fertilizer dispenser, and you can order these online for a small cost. That will help you distribute your fertilizer evenly across the lawn.

Be methodical when treating your lawn, starting in one corner and working your way gradually across the lawn until you have covered every patch of grass.

The optimum time to fertilize your lawn is in April or May, when there is no frost and warm weather, but it’s so hot the sun will scorch the grass.

Healthy Grass Is Only a Few Steps Away

Don’t despair if your grass is looking a little sorrowful right now. Follow these simple steps, and you’ll have healthy grass and a beautiful green lawn.

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