The Loans That You Can Take or Sell Your Goods

A first thing we can recommend is definitely to know exactly the gold item you want to sell. Check carefully what type of gold it is made of (it can be 750 gold , but there are different titrations, so it is good to check if you have a label or if something is written inside the jewel). The greatest risk is that of finding yourself with little knowledge that can be exploited to the advantage of not serious professionals, who can manipulate you by offering a much lower value of your used gold than the real one.

Let’s never forget an important aspect, namely that the value of the gold object remains constant over time. It does not mean anything that that bracelet is many years old, or that it is in conditions no longer as new as it once was; gold is a completely unalterable material , and what is going to sell will also be used in most cases to be reconverted through its fusion, into new jewels or gold bars. This aspect is very important, as it serves to underline how little the aesthetic question is for the correct evaluation of the gold jewel used. If you think, ‘I want to Sell my watch made of gold’, then there are options for the same as well.

Proper Valuation of Your Asset

In order not to be fooled and obtain false valuations, always know another thing, namely that gold has its own recognisability! The object you have in your hand at the moment and which you wish to evaluate, usually has an engraving on the back and one on the inside, which faithfully report the gold title and the trademark. No one can therefore pass off a 750 gold jewel for a jewel with a different titling, as you can see it written right on the jewel itself. The title is truly an element of fundamental importance, as it fully testifies that the jewel is made with real gold in a certain quantity.

Knowing this type of information will allow you to have a completely transparent real-time quotation of your used gold with the jeweller or gold buyer, but there is no doubt that when you are dealing with a reliable expert in the sector, you will be able to get a real-time evaluation of your used gold that is completely honest.

Evaluation of gold jewellery used by a gold buyer; as it happens in detail

From the buying-in gold you can evaluate your gold jewel. This physical place leads to the sale through some intermediate phases, which include the weighing of the jewel and the evaluation at the current market price with quotation of our objects.

The weight of the gold jewel is the fundamental aspect and that should not be underestimated. Remember that gold has a quotation per gram and that this is verifiable in numerous sites or calculators that report what is the quotation of gold used for that day. This quotation per gram is subsequently multiplied by the weight of the object and will generate the offer that the gold buyer can propose to us for the purchase of our gold jewels.

The weighing of the jewel or jewels always takes place transparently, by means of scales that can be analog or digital. If we really had to choose between the two types, the digital scale would certainly be preferred, as it is a model that allows easy reading of the weight of gold and leaves no room for any type of interpretation, without neglecting absolute precision.

Let’s not forget that the weighing of jewels must always take place in front of our eyes, so always be wary of those who don’t show you the screen on sight. The truly professional scale is also easily recognizable, as it always holds an easily visible green stamp and a certificate attesting its suitability.