The Latest Shaving Tips That You Should Embrace Right Away

Now that Movember is over, are you left with a face full of unruly and hard to maintain scruff?

Facial hair that isn’t properly cared for can be unattractive. And, using the wrong products and techniques can also wreak havoc on the sensitive skin below.

Sound familiar?

Rather than struggling with a routine that just doesn’t work, follow these shaving tips. Before long, your beard and mustache will look better than ever!

Take Your Time

Shaving has a few key steps and skipping out on any of them, or rushing can yield less than desirable results. 

First, ensure that your pores are open and soften your hair by creating a warm, wet environment. This can be accomplished using a hot towel treatment, stepping into the shower, or repeatedly splashing your face with hot water.

Then, shave slowly and carefully against the natural grain of your hair. This helps to prevent cuts and deliver a closer shave while preventing pesky ingrown hairs. 

After shaving, rinse your skin with cool water to re-close pores. Then, moisturize and apply sunscreen.

Sharp Blades Are Better

Replacing your blades regularly and storing your razor in a cool, dry place will help keep bacteria at bay. This can reduce the risk of infection if you do cut yourself and help prevent pesky acne breakouts.

Shaving with a sharp blade will also keep you from pressing down too hard, potentially creating long and short spots that are more difficult to maintain.

The Right Shaving Gel

The best shaving creams are thick and supple, helping your razor slide effortlessly along the skin. So, don’t be tempted to cut corners here or use alternative products such as soap. 

It’s also important to use enough shaving gel or foam to work up a rich lather, not just a thin layer.

Wash and Exfoliate

If you only follow one of our grooming tips, make it this one!

Many men neglect beard hygiene and the skin below their facial hair. And, even with the best shaving equipment out there, this will leave your face feeling less than fresh.

Keep your hair and skin in optimal health by washing all the way down to your roots regularly. You should also use a gentle exfoliator on shaved areas to help keep built-up skin cells from clogging your pores or delivering a dull, dry-looking finish. 

For Best Results, Follow These Shaving Tips

Armed with these shaving tips, you’re ready to upgrade your grooming routine. Stick with it, and you’ll be looking and feeling your best before you know it!

For the best results, add one or two of these tips at a time rather than completely overhauling your habits. That will help you ease into things and give your skin and hair time to adjust.

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