The Heights of Shower Heads Are Important

When installing a shower head, people will need to think about the heights of shower heads. It might seem like it’s a relatively simple detail, but it can have a huge effect on the actual experience of using a particular shower.

Shower Head Positions 

If the shower head is too low, people will constantly be bending and straining their backs as they try to shower. They won’t be able to shower as effectively that way, and they might injure themselves at some point during the showering session.

Having a shower head that’s too high is usually better than having a shower head that’s too low. Some people may have to stretch to reach and adjust a shower head that is too high for them, but the water itself should still reach them.

Shower heads that have been elevated too much might be difficult for almost anyone to reach. People might need to use stools to adjust the shower heads before using the shower, and they won’t be able to make adjustments during the shower.

Fortunately, choosing the right shower head heights isn’t usually especially complicated. People certainly vary a lot regarding height. However, if the shower head is adjustable enough, people of substantially different heights can use the same shower relatively easily.

Recommended Heights

Most shower heads get installed around eighty inches above the floor. The shower head will be located six feet and eight inches in the air. There are people who are six feet and eight inches tall and taller. These people might need to shower heads that are more elevated. Their family members may also keep those numbers in mind when they’re installing new shower heads.

However, even many tall people won’t have a problem with using shower heads that were installed eighty inches over the bathroom floor. A person who has a more average height shouldn’t have an issue with it, either.

It’s also common for shower heads to be installed at around six feet above the ground. The shower head usually won’t be closer to the ground than that. Some shorter people may need shower heads that are less elevated, and they could also use shower heads that have specialized shapes.

Different Designs

Even most fixed shower heads are at least somewhat adjustable, which can make them more versatile. Still, the shower head’s shape can functionally change its height at least somewhat. A shower head that’s pointing downward might functionally be an inch or so closer to the ground.

Shower heads that have the wrong position will make it harder for people to get clean, even if the water gets to them. The water may primarily land on their faces or hair as they shower. Some people may get around these problems by using handheld shower heads, which can be placed only a few feet off the ground.

Handheld shower heads have been popular for a while, and they’re only becoming more common. People often find that it’s easier to wash carefully when they have a handheld shower head. They’ll have more options when they decide where to install the handheld shower head. The handheld shower heads can also be easily used by most people.