The Heat Pump Cycle- How It Works

There are physical principles behind the operation of the heat pump when heating for your home or office. The heat pump exploits the physical properties of evaporation and condensation in a refrigerant. The fluid (water) is compressed to become hotter on one side and, on the other side, where the heat is absorbed, the pressure is reduced.

It is a thermodynamic cycle:

  • The refrigerant fluid absorbs heat in the evaporator (where temperature and pressure are low);
  • The refrigerant fluid receives work in the compressor;
  • The refrigerant transfers heat from the condenser to the water (where temperature and pressure are high).

The User And The Heat Pump

If you have a heat pump for pool heating in your home, you can follow the steps below to see it working in the pool and enjoy its benefits. on the digital panel of the heat pump (located on the outside of the equipment), set the temperature you want for the water; as the heat pump has intelligent control, it checks the water temperature and automatically starts the circulation pump;

the pool water is heated little by little (usually, every 4 hours of operation, the water is heated to 1 ° C); when the heat pump reaches the temperature, you programmed on the control panel, it automatically shuts down (every hour, the heat pump observes the water temperature and, if necessary, automatically restarts heating); with the heat pump, the pool water maintains the desired temperature at any time of the day or night and in any season of the year (summer or winter). A tip is to use thermal cover to reduce heat losses during the night.

Thermal Blanket, The Ideal Complement To The Heat Pump

The heat pump achieves great results in heating the pool water, although it is important to accompany it with some elements that prevent the loss of heat achieved.

The thermal blanket allows you to cover the pool water when there are no users who are using it, as well as at night. The blanket preserves the temperature achieved and can even help increase it during sunny hours, and prevents the evaporation of water, among other benefits. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use a thermal blanket as a support for the heat pump to heat the water. You should also consider getting the heating pump from known producers like amongst others.