The Best Post-Pregnancy Exercises

Everyone knows that exercise is always important. But its importance is paramount after pregnancy. 

The CDC recommends that people engage in at least 150 minutes of exercise per week after their pregnancy. Yet many people don’t know what exercise after pregnancy looks like.

What post-pregnancy exercises can restore your body to the way it was before pregnancy? How can you strengthen your muscles? What can mild exercises do to fight off postpartum depression? 

Answer these questions and you can start your parenthood in good health. Here is your quick guide. 

Diastasis Recti Exercises

The rectus abdominis is the two banks of muscles that lie through the middle of your abdomen. In the process of giving birth, the two muscles can pull apart. This can cause significant pain in the stomach and abdomen, which becomes worse when you strain. 

Diastasis recti exercises reduce the pain and help ease the muscles back into place. Deep breathing may be enough to attach the muscles together. 

A hip hike is an easy exercise. Stand on a platform with one leg off to the side.

Drop that leg slightly until one side of your pelvis is higher than the other. Lift the leg up, then repeat the hike 15 times before switching to the other side. 

Ab Exercises

Ab exercises build muscles in the abdomen while reducing fat. Pelvic tilts are easy, especially for people who have previously done yoga. 

Lie on the floor with your back against the ground, but your knees should be bent. Bend your pelvis up slightly as you tighten your abdominal muscles. Hold for as long as you can, then rest and repeat the process. 

If you want to add strength to your pelvis, you can do a Kegel exercise. Tighten your pelvis floor muscles together, and hold for ten seconds before resting. Repeat ten times over, and try to do another set later in the day. 

Postpartum Exercise

A 2019 meta-analysis found that regular exercise during and after pregnancy reduces rates of postpartum depression. The exercise does not have to be extensive, though you should commit yourself to a regular routine. 

Try to go for a walk every day or night. Go out for at least an hour and walk at a casual pace. You can listen to music or go with someone else, or you can walk by yourself. 

Do a few different exercises. In the middle of your walk, you can stop to perform some hip hikes or Kegel exercises. 

How to Exercise After Pregnancy

Exercise after pregnancy is a great way to fight weight gain and build muscles. If your abdomen hurts, you should perform some hip hikes and other diastasis recti exercises. 

Add some definition to your muscles through ab workouts like pelvic tilts. Then mix in some mild cardio exercises by walking or jogging. 

Talk to a doctor if you have postpartum depression. In addition to following their suggestions, you should do some exercises. They may help you manage your symptoms. 

You can be fit and be a parent at the same time. Follow our coverage for more wellness guides.