Southern Charm: A Newbie’s Guide to Living In Louisiana

Looking for a slice of southern charm? Well, Louisiana’s the place to go. This vibrant, intoxicating south-eastern state attracts over 53 million visitors from around the world every year, so it’s clearly doing something right.

The only thing better than visiting? Staying! Home to The Big Easy, Mardi Gras, and carnivals galore, there are compelling reasons to move to this charming part of the country.

Want to more about the reality of living in Louisiana before you commit to anything though? You’re in the right place! Check out this comprehensive guide to life in Louisiana and discover the pros and cons of laying roots here.  

The Culture’s Unique

Louisiana’s a melting pot of different cultures. With strong French, African, French-Canadian, Cajun, and Creole influences everywhere to be seen, this historic destination boasts an intoxicating atmosphere that’s unlike any other in the US. Everything from the renowned architecture to the language (many people still speak French in the French Quarter of New Orleans!) reminds residents of Louisiana’s heritage.

This passionate, colorful and complex place is full of energy. There’s jazz playing at all times, unforgettable southern food (the barbeques to die for and definitely don’t miss the beignets!), and an artistic vibe that runs through Louisiana’s core. It’s the sort of place visitors come for a weekend and stay for a month, captivated by the myriad sights, sounds, and smells that delight the senses.

There’s a Lot to See and Do

You could easily while away your time in Louisiana sampling divine cuisine, dancing in live Jazz bars, and wandering dazzling city streets to gaze upon the architecture on offer. If you ever tire of these delights, though, there are plenty of other sights and attractions to keep you entertained.

…Particularly if you love the great outdoors!

There are golf courses in abundance, endless places to go fishing (check out the crawfish in Cajun country), and kayaking opportunities to boot. Then there are festivals and carnivals to frequent (including the infamous Mardi Gras), college football games to enjoy (Go Tigers!), and swamps (complete with alligators and egrets) to explore.

The Weather’s Tropical

If you like long summers and subtropical weather, then you’ll love living in Louisiana. Although you’ll experience a smorgasbord of conditions throughout the year, this place is generally sunny, hot, and humid! There are definite winters (temperatures can fall below freezing in January) but they tend to be short and sharp.

It’s worth noting the hurricane season though. Thanks to the humid conditions, Louisiana’s a hotbed for intense storms, so prepare yourself for high winds, impressive lightning displays, and occasional flooding. The season runs for six months and ends at the end of November.

The Economy’s Growing

Previous recessions have had a major impact on Louisiana’s economy and the unemployment rate’s been high as a result. Thankfully, though, things are starting to up! Having come out of a downturn a few years ago, there are now various expansion plans in the pipeline that are set to fuel growth and job opportunities in the state.

An economic boom seems to be around the corner, but it’s worth noting that there’s plenty of poverty still in evidence in various parts of the state. Keep that in mind as you decide which part of Louisiana to move to. Employment prospects differ between cities, so it’s important to investigate which location is best suited to your particular line of work.

The Housing Market’s Hot

One of the major benefits of moving to Louisiana is the housing there. Trust us, the market’s hot right now, with house prices rising at impressive rates every year.

The median house price is much lower than it is in other parts of the US too! You can get on the Louisiana property ladder with minimal trouble and find a budding buyer after a few years for a sizeable profit. This guide will tell you how to do it without even hiring a realtor.

Alas, the same can’t be said for the stunning Greek-revival homes that are celebrated in this part of the world. In New Orleans, for instance, you can expect to pay a cool $1 million or so for a piece of architectural history. If you don’t need anything quite so grand, though, you should find a good-quality property in the suburbs for less than $200,000.

The Cost of Living’s Low

One of the primary benefits of living in Louisiana comes down to finances.

Everything from housing (as we discussed above) and tax, to food, utilities, and schooling costs are more affordable here than in other parts of America. That isn’t to say anything’s cheap (especially in certain Louisianan hotspots), but it’s fair to say that money goes further in New Orleans than it does in New York!

The caveat? Slightly higher rates of crime. This should decrease as the economy continues to improve, but there’s no question that certain crimes (such as property offenses) remain a problem in larger cities.

Don’t let that put you off though! There are countless family-friendly areas too- even in areas with the highest crime rates. For the safest parts of Louisiana, we recommend heading to the northern side of the state, in places like Rayville and Georgetown.

Remember This Guide to Living In Louisiana

Are you thinking about moving to Louisiana so you can sample the southern charm for yourself? Well, we don’t blame you. This beautiful state attracts tens of millions of tourists every year and has a lot to offer anyone who decides to stay.

With any luck, the insights on living in Louisiana in this article have shed some light on what it’s like there! Keep them in mind as you consider the change and you should feel far more confident about making the move.

Ready to head on down and start a new life in Louisiana? Search ‘moving house’ on the website for more info on the next steps.