Should I repair or replace my old air conditioner unit if it stops working?

Being a homeowner, it is our worst nightmare to find that the air conditioner has stopped working in summer. No one wants them to see in such kind of situation. Answer this, when your AC unit stops working, what will you do? Replace or repair?


As compared to replacing, the repairing cost is lesser and considered to be the best option. But, underline here that spending some money on repairing will not make you spend in coming future.

Shall I go with replacing my AC unit?

There are many deciding factors based on which you can take the final decision. These factors are –

  • Age of AC unit

The first one in the list is an age that can be a deciding factor in making the selection between repair and replacement. If your AC is with you for more than 10 years, it is better to replace it.

  • The use of R-22 refrigerant

There is certain air conditioning unit who need additional refrigerants that means there is definitely a coolant leakage issue. Newer models coming into the market nowadays have R-410s refrigerants known to be more environmentally friendly. But, the older models don’t have it, rather they have R-22 which is more expensive.

  • Energy efficiency

Is your electricity bill still facing an upsurge? Your AC demands repair, not a replacement. Choosing AC replacement with a new energy-efficient model will cost you more.

  • The repairing cost

Taking HVAC decisions is not that much easy as it seems because companies have to meet the expectation of their customers. The repairing cost plays a major role in deciding the things.

Connecting with the professionals

You as a homeowner don’t want to get confused about the decision that needs to be taken between repairing and replacing HVAC. The points discussed above will only help you in showing the ways to do right. In this, the professionals who perform AC repair in your area can reach you out. The efficient team works on your cooling system to maintain it for a longer run.