Scar Solutions: Can a Scar Be Completely Removed?

Every year, about 24.8 million people have to visit a physician’s office due to an accidental injury. Another 97.9 million people have to visit an emergency department each year. Unfortunately, some of these accidents can lead to scars. 

Can you get a scar removed completely? What treatments are now available for scar removal?

Keep reading to find out! After reading this guide, you can explore your options.

Then, you can make a more informed decision regarding your own scar removal treatment. 

Read on to learn everything you need to know about scar treatments today. 

Is Complete Removal an Option?

First, let’s answer the question that likely brought you here: can you remove a scar completely?

Unfortunately, there’s currently no procedure available that can completely remove scars. However, there are options available to make scars less noticeable. 

Scarring occurs as a natural part of the skin’s healing process. Multiple factors can impact a scar’s appearance and your treatment options.

For example, the size of the wound or cut, the depth, and the location of the injury can impact a scar’s appearance. Your age, sex, genes, and ethnicity care factors, too.

You can also develop different types of scars. Each year about 100 million patients acquire different scars. These scars lead to 25 million operations after trauma. 

For example, acne scars can develop if you’ve suffered from severe acne. Hypertrophic scars are red, raised scars.

Contracture scars occur if your skin was burned, causing the skin to tighten. These scars can impact your ability to move.

Keloid scars are the result of overly aggressive healing. Over time, these scars can also impact movement. 

The type of scarring you’ve experienced can determine the best scar removal surgery options for your situation. 

Scar Treatments Available

Consider visiting a laser skin surgeon to discuss your scar removal treatment options. 

For example, a professional might recommend laser scar revision. This treatment uses high-energy light to treat damaged skin. Different lasers are available based on your type of scarring.

Dermabrasion is popular, too. This electrical machine removes the top layer of skin to produce smoother skin. Dermabrasion can treat some surgical scars, pockmarks, and acne scars. 

Other options include cryosurgery, chemical peels, and soft tissue fillers. 

Otherwise, a surgeon might recommend surgical scar revision. This treatment can remove the scar and rejoin the normal skin. For example, treatment might make a wide scar look thinner or a long scar look shorter. 

Sometimes, a surgeon can even hide an existing scar by redirecting it into your hairline or a wrinkle.

Make sure to find a licensed surgeon before beginning treatment. They can schedule scar removal surgery based on your needs. 

Stop Scarring: Exploring Your Scar Removal Options 

You don’t have to let an accident change the appearance of your skin forever. Instead, consider exploring your scar removal options. With treatment, you can live with smooth, blemish-free skin.

Remember, treatment can’t remove scars permanently, but it could help improve the appearance of old scars.

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