Remembering a Loved One: 3 Ways to Keep Them Close to You Daily

It is the lucky ones who have yet to experience the loss of a loved one in their life. For you, it is an all too real truth that weighs heavy on your heart. They may be gone, but they are never forgotten. Keeping their memory close to you is important and here are a few unique keepsakes that will allow you to remember them fondly daily.

1. Personalized Leather Belt

For the cowboy or cowgirl among you, a lovely, handcrafted belt could be what you need. An angel wings belt painted with your loved one’s name is a beautiful way to immortalize them. You need a high-quality belt, so why not get one in remembrance of the one you’ve lost?

2. Handcrafted Quilt or Pillow

There is that one t-shirt they always use to wear that instantly makes you think of the good times you spent together. Having that shirt made into a squeezable pillow, or combined with other shirts to make a quilt, is a great way to honor your memory of them. When you need an extra little hug from them, wrapping yourself up in their shirts could be just the thing you need that day. It’s as if they are wrapping their arms around you at that moment.

3. Etched Handwriting Jewelry

Seeing someone’s handwriting that we knew well and loved wholly hand brings up a wellspring of emotions. It is almost as if they are speaking through it to you now. It could have just been a grocery list, but it brings tears to your eyes. Having a simple, “I love you” in their handwriting etched into a pendant you can keep close to your heart is a lovely way to allow them to speak to you daily.

It is so hard to lose a loved one and even harder to forget. Keep their memory alive and presence close to you with these lovely keepsake ideas.